Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter Time Swim

I just realized that I never did blog about our trip to the pool a few weeks ago.  
 Mr. G, my grandma Boppy, Baby G, and I all spent an hour or so watching Baby G enjoy the water at a local rec center.  He really enjoyed standing on the side of the pool....
 And jumping into the water.....With daddy's help, of course.

 But he absolutely loved the water.
 Boppy was sitting on the side of the pool but anytime that Baby G would do something he would yell out, "Boooppppyyyy" to see if she was watching.
 Hang on tight, buddy!!
 Hmmm.....that's an interesting face, Baby G.
 I like that face much better.
 Working on kicking our feet underwater.
Hey....look at me swim.
I think we are gonna have to make more trips to the pool before the winter is over.

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