Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Birthdays Are Like...

I know that everybody celebrates birthdays differently and even though most of what we do is normal there is one thing that my dear husband has brought to our birthday parties that make them extra special....or extra weird.
 Of course, the kiddos always have a good time.  Here my niece is working with Baby G on his basketball skills.  His defense cracks me up.
 After the meal and after letting the food settle a bit we all gather around to sing happy birthday.  

Here is where the "special" part comes in.  At first Mr. G was the only one who would sing off key to the birthday song but it didn't take long for everybody to start doing the same.  What you hear has been perfected over the last 6 months with each birthday.
 After the song comes the cake.
Nana and my sweet boy enjoying some yummy birthday cake.
Happy Birthday to my brother even though I don't think he was real thrilled with turning 34.

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