Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another Post About "Nothing"

Here is another blog post about "nothing."  It's not really nothing but its nothing in particular.  Just a lil of this...that...and the other.  The good....the bad....and the ugly of our everyday life.
Sissy wanted to try having a seat in her baby stroller.  Epic fail.
But this lil girl didn't let it keep her down.
Gotta love all the amazing smiles that get flashed my way.
We won't talk about the tears.
Bubby reading his sister a book for the first time.  It was precious.
Nana and Sissy feeding the baby a bottle.
We had a get-together with family to celebrate my birthday and my brothers birthday.  Bubby was super excited to see his cousins.
I'd like to say that she was closing her eyes to pray before the meal but actually this is the face she made when she saw the camera point in her direction.
Happy Birthday to us. 
After cake Sissy sat down to draw.
And eventually everyone joined in.
I told Bubby I wanted a picture of him smiling.  This is the look I got.... He was definitely annoyed.
"Seriously, Mom."
Whoopsie....he's letting a smile slip out.
There we go.....
Love it.
Bubby made his own lil city with all of Nana's Imaginext toys.  He was occupied for hours.
And Sissy.....well...She was occupied too.
Early in the week we had 50+ degree weather and we took advantage of it.  We headed to the park.
Ready to slide.
A lil bit of a smile.
Bubby's ornery smile while swinging on the seal. 
It was so nice to be outside. 
Sissy wanted to do everything Bubby did.
But she had a lil more trouble.

Bubby stayed on the seal the whole time and Sissy went from animal to animal making sure to try them all out.
Bubby going up the big slide.
It was a really slow slide that day so I got a good picture of him coming down.  In fact, I think at this point he wasn't even moving.
But apparently it was he wanted to go again.
And Sissy wanted to follow.  She wasn't thrilled when we had to tell her no.
Time to head home.  Bubby said he wanted to pull Sissy home....I was thrilled.
He made it about half way there before he decided he wanted to run ahead instead.
Goofy boy.
Sissy spotted KitCat outside....and it looks like KitCat spotted her too.
Yelling bye to KitCat.
Two goofy dogs snuggling up together.  Can you tell which one is Mickey and which one is Marley.  I hear they are hard to tell apart.
We got a bunch of Disney stickers in the mail the other day.  Sissy quickly took care of those.  In no time flat she had them all over her.
Sissy has decided that she doesn't want to wear diapers anymore.  I am almost 9 months pregnant and she decides she doesn't like diapers.  Seriously???  She did look cute in Bubby's underwear though.
At 19 months old I really don't think we are ready to potty train. 
But just in case....we borrowed my Sister-in-laws Elmo potty.....and of course she loved it.
All three of the babies watching a movie at the end of the night.  Baby #3 almost completely hides Sissy. 
We've been going through old baby clothes and found Bubby's first Halloween costume.  I thought it would look cute on Sissy for a quick picture.  She wasn't very thrilled.
Well....I'm off to take more random/goofy/everyday pictures of these kiddos to get ready for the next blog post of "nothing."  In my opinion....there's nothing better.

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