Monday, January 12, 2015

This 'n That

Grandma and Papa came over the other day to help with a few things that have gone wrong with our beautiful old home that we are renting.  One was our dishwasher.  I had ran it through a cycle that morning and when it was done there was standing water.  Papa was there to check it out along with his two lil helpers.
Grandma was there putting plastic on all our windows trying to keep the cold out. 
The kids were having fun with the shop vac.
Papa showed the kids how the shop vac worked but the kids were most interested in the loud noise.
We were having another yucky night with lots of freezing rain and ice....
But we are having a blast inside.  Here is Bubby practicing his flying skills.
And Sissy is getting a lil work done with her glasses, bracelet, and cell phone.
Busy girl.
Even while I'm sitting here blogging she is putting on her glasses.  And very serious about it.
One of Sissy's favorite things to do right now is to help Mama with the dishes. 
Although it really has nothing to do with the dishes.
It's all about the bubbles.  But I enjoy having her up there with me while I get the dishes done.... Especially since we found out the dishwasher pump is broken so we will be doing dishes by hand from now on.  It's not that big of deal because for 97% of my marriage I have not had a dishwasher.  You know what they say...."When the world gives you a broken dish washer....Make bubbles." 
Bubby's most favorite thing to do right now is to watch videos on the IPad where it shows people playing with these lil batman and ninja turtle figurines.  Bubby will watch them all day if I let him but then he will do his own re-enactment with his own figurines. 
He's very serious about it and has quite the imagination.

We then decided last night to make his own video of playing with the toys.  He's a bit more shy when it comes to making voices for the characters while he is being videotaped but he still did a pretty good job.  Please excuse his ketchup covered face in the video as well as his outfit. 

Video of Bubby Playing With Batman and Robin

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