Thursday, January 15, 2015

They Make Life So Much Fun

It has been very cold still and we have had ice on the roads and sidewalks for five days now. 
But surprisingly I'm not getting stir crazy.  I think it is only because I have two cuties to entertain me.....or keep me busy...or a lil of both.
Goofy girl.
You wonder what she's looking at....
Yep....its Bubby.  He's hiding under his bed.
 Sissy trying to get his toes.
 And, of course, she has to join him.
 Anything Bubby does she has to do too.
 There isn't much room under there.
 But they both made it under there completely covered up.
 I was getting ready to get in the shower.  It takes a bit for our water to warm up so I turned it on and went and did something real quick in the other room only to come back and catch this lil girl trying to get in the shower.
 Yeah....just throw an ornery smile at me and expect it to make it all better.  Lil stinker.
 She found the Woody hat from Toy Story.
Why not try it on for size?
We found a bag of Bubby's baby clothes and bibs and it included the shirt that we got at the hospital when Bubby was born.  It is so small compared to how big he is now.
He is growing up so fast.
This goofy boy wanted to try on his old bibs.  He's gonna hate me for this picture someday.
This bib says, "Chicks Dig Me."  I asked Bubby what that means..... He has no idea.
I was teaching him what these lil mittens will be used for when his little brother gets here. 
We ventured out the other day to the grocery store.  These two were awesome the entire time we shopped.
A lil goofy...but still very good.
Watching The Boxcar Children.  It was his first time seeing it and he loved it.
Bubby has always loved coloring and Sissy has really started getting into it too.  She will sit for an hour making small marks on a paper while watching a show.  While supper was cooking last night I sat in there and colored with her.  Love moments like that.
I had gone out to let Marley go to the bathroom and when I looked back through the door it did my heart good.  I love seeing these two becoming best friends.  I couldn't wait to get back inside.
(If you look really close you can see the silhouette of my big ole belly on the door.  7 more weeks till my due date)
Just in the last few weeks Bubby has become an amazing helper around the house.  He was putting the rolls of toilet paper away for me.
Sissy was in charge of putting away the paper towels.....but she had different plans.
When Bubby was done putting away the toilet paper he sat down and started explaining to Sissy how to unwrap the toilet paper rolls.  He is an amazing big brother.  Then he proceeded to put all the paper towel rolls away for me.
In the meantime, Sissy decided to go take down all the toilet paper rolls that Bubby had so neatly put away.  Bubby was not a very happy boy.

They both love to be in the kitchen when I'm making supper.  Bubby was seasoning the green beans and Sissy was doing the dishes (aka: playing in the soapy water)
Then Bubby helped put cottage cheese on his and Sissy's plate.
She definitely had clean hands when it was finally time to eat.
This morning we spent a lot of time upstairs getting clothes organized and put away.  Bubby took that time to play Batman while he was Batman.
The kids wrestling on the floor.  I'm so thankful that they play well together because it gives me a chance to get my stuff done around the house.
I walked by the bathroom at one point and see Sissy standing on my scale.  Guess she has seen mommy do that a time or two.
Of course, Bubby wanted a chance on the scale too.  If these kids only knew what a terrible terrible thing they were standing on.  If they are anything like their Mama they will someday grow up to despise that thing.
Goofy girl smiling up at me after she had just fallen down.
Mid-morning dishes. 
This was the first time that Bubby actually did the dishes all on his own.  Notice the cup sitting on the drying towel still covered in soap.
I contemplated helping him but decided to let him do it on his own and then when he wasn't looking later I would go back and do them again.  He felt like a big boy getting to do it on his own.
Sissy washed this spatula the entire time.  She would get soap on it and then rinse it off and do that over and over again.  It is probably the cleanest that spatula has ever been.
He was starting to get the hang of rinsing the dishes a lil better.
Telling me all about it.
"Clean" dishes piling up.
Wonderful days.  These kids make the everyday life so much fun.

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