Friday, January 9, 2015

It is COLD Outside

We have been having several days in a row of temperatures below zero and a windchill of below -20.  It is COLD.  You can see the ice that forms on our windows because of it.  As a stay at home mom of two....almost three...this becomes the time when you have to be creative in keeping your children occupied while they are stuck in doors.  So you might ask....what exactly do you do on these cold winter days???  Let me tell you.....
We first must dress in all black and where our Batman gear with our dark shades.  This is definitely a must.  But if you can't find your Batman stuff...
Then a shower cap would definitely work.  But only if you have one sock on.  Two socks would ruin the whole outfit.
Wearing mom's sweatshirt, however, will not work.  Apparently it causes instant tears.
During these cold days it is very important for Batman to exercise and what better way to do that than jumping on the trampoline.
Sissy hasn't really understood the idea of exercise yet.  Sitting and smiling for the camera is more fun in her opinion.
We had a few days of feeling under-the-weather so on those days we don't do much.  Laying around seems to be the best medicine.
On the rare occasion that we got out we enjoyed some beautiful sunsets.  This particular time we had just driven out of a snow storm and were heading south to Nana and Gampa's.  You can't tell in the picture just how neat it was....but in front of us was a beautiful line of pink.  We had seen nothing but gray skies for days so seeing that pink in front of us was exciting.
And the farther south we went the brighter the sky got.  It was beautiful. 
Another beautiful sunset was when we were heading back home the next day.  This time the beautiful sky was behind us but we still enjoyed it.
Something I've learned since becoming a mommy to a boy and a girl is that sometimes you have to play Ninja Turtles and Tea Party at the same time.
On one side of me I have a sweet faced lil girl asking me for tea.....
And occasionally leaning in for kisses....
And then I have this booger butt on the other side of me asking me to play Joker while he is Batman. 
Finally got a smile out of him.
We have a fireplace but we didn't want to pay the money to get our chimney swept so we have chosen not to use it this winter.  However....we found a show on Netflix of a fire and the sound of it crackling and we have spent several nights watching that as we fall asleep.  Since our heat isn't working very well in our house this show makes us trick ourselves into feeling a lil warmer.
Since the Holidays are over we decided it was finally time to start getting ready for baby #3.  Sissy was helping me sort through some baby clothes.  This is a great job to get done while the weather is so cold.
She's got good taste.
She even felt like trying on a few.  This onesie made for a perfect scarf.
Stopping to give daddy some lovin'.
Then my lil helper switched over to big brother.  Sissy got distracted by the tv show.
See what I mean.
Bubby had a blast going through the clothes.  He can't wait for his lil brother to get here.  He would see an outfit with animals on it and would say how his lil brother will have to wear that to the zoo when he gets here.
Sissy enjoyed wearing Bubby's old hat....for all of 3 1/2 seconds before pulling it off.
I think it was a smart idea to have Christmas at the beginning of winter so the kids can play with their toys while they are stuck inside over the next two-three months.
Hard at work.
We had two chocolate chip cookies left over from when we made cookies for Santa and a container of cinnamon rolls which ended up making the perfect smiley face and was a very tastey treat on a cold winter day. 

Sending smiles your way and hoping you are nice and warm and enjoying the winter season.  It'll be interesting to see what things we come up with to keep ourselves from getting stir crazy as the winter goes on.  But I'm looking forward to every bit of it.  These wonderful adventures are what make being a stay-at-home mom so special.

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