Saturday, August 6, 2016

Holiday World 2016

 We met up with family at Holiday World last month.  The kids were very excited and for our kids this was their first ever trip to Holiday World.
 This little man was a stud the whole time.  Never fussed or whined and because he was so little he really didn't ride much.  But he enjoyed watching everyone and being with family.  I'm so thankful he's such an easy baby....or should I say toddler.  Eek. 
 Sissy standing in line with Grandma to go on the kids carrousel.
 Last minute I decided to let Little G ride too.  I'm glad I did because he had a blast and this ended up being the only ride he got to do the whole time.
 Sissy waving to us from her rocket ship.  She wanted to try every ride they had and loved it.
 Riding in Santa's sleigh.
 The kids waiting for the next ride.  It was warm that day but not unbearable.  
 We even ran into Santa Claus while we were there.  Sissy was very excited to get a picture with him.  Bubby G was hesitant at first to ride anything.  I was worried he wouldn't enjoy the day because he wasn't wanting to try anything.
 My two nephews and Sissy then got on this canoe ride and still Bubby wasn't wanting to do it.
 It seemed like a pretty relaxing ride for the kids.
 Chilling out.
 Finally, Bubby decided to do the canoe ride with his cousin and after that ride he was on board with everything.  He couldn't wait to get to the next ride.
 On the way to the next ride we decided to enter ourselves into a three point competition.  My hubby and my bro-in-law were gonna be the only ones who did it.  Mr. G made 2/12 and my bro-in-law made 1/12.
 The kids were cheering them on.
We went to leave for the next ride and I turned to Mr. G and asked if I could try.  Granted I was 7 months pregnant and hadn't shot a basketball in well over a year.  But I had to try.  I ended up with 5/12 and winning a basketball banner....bad news was I ended up hurting my pregnant belly and now I have to wear a maternity belt to keep from being in pain...but hey....I won. 
 In line for the train.  I'm so glad that Bubby was having a good time.
 Big girl sitting with her cousin.
 The next ride was the kiddie roller-coaster. 
 Grandma took Sissy and my brother-in-law and nephew were riding right behind them.  Sissy had a blast but I think she was a little bit surprised at how fast it went.
 Next up was Mr. G and Bubby.  They were sitting in the front row.
 Mr. G was having a good time....
 And so was Bubby.
 He laughed the whole way through.
 My sister-in-law and nephew were right behind them.  I am pretty sure our kids would've rode this roller-coaster over and over if we had let them.
 But the adults were hungry and ready to eat some pizza.
 Happy boy in line to drive the old cars.
 And he did a great job.
It's not a great picture but it was the best I could get of Sissy.  She was driving with her uncle.
 It was almost 2:00 at this point and Little G was getting pretty tired.
 By the time we got to the water park Little G was pooped and completely conked out.  I didn't get any other pictures from the water park because it took all of us to keep track of the kids in the water.  It was nerve-wracking as a parent but the kids had a blast.
I'm sure it was the first of many Holiday World trips to come in the future.
Did I mention how tired we were?  It didn't take Bubby long to fall asleep on the way home.

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