Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sissy's First Trip To The Dentist

 We are thankful for a wonderful pediatric dentist.  They do a great job with my kiddos and they allowed both kids to go back at the same time so Bubby enjoyed telling Sissy all about what was going to happen. 
 And thankfully she was excited.
 Bubby did a great job and got a good report. 
 Sissy ready for it to be her turn.
 Bubby showing me his pretty teeth.
 Waiting in the dentist chair for her turn and I told her to give me a thumbs up....index finger works too.
 But boy, oh, boy was she excited.
 Bubby helped her put her sunglasses on.
 They asked her what flavor toothpaste she wanted...Birthday cake was what she chose.
 Sissy did an awesome job and listened and did exactly what they asked of her.
 I'm thankful she also got a good report and has very healthy teeth.
 A precious moment of this big boy sleeping soundly.
 Brother cuddles in the morning.  Both eating a Pop tart and enjoying some morning cartoons.
 Homeschool is just over a week away.  I had the kids decorate some papers to put in their three ring binders. 
 They had fun decorating their names.
 I've been doing a lot of preparing for the start of school and one thing I was excited to check off the list was our 100 piece puzzle.  I had seen on pinterest the idea of putting the numbers on the back of a puzzle so that Bubby can work on put the numbers in order.  But first I had to put the puzzle together....It took me longer than I would like to admit to get the puzzle together and then I flipped it over and wrote the numbers on the back.  I was thinking by the end that maybe all that hard work wouldn't be worth it....
 But as soon as I was done Bubby came in and counted all the way to 100....his first time doing that.  And he couldn't wait to do the puzzle.
 Outside playing on the swing set with the sprinkler on.
 And playing together in the water table.  Summer is going to be over before we know it so we will enjoy the outside as long as we can. 
 This big boy climbed up into our bed for the first time so I put the blankets on him and you could tell he thought he was hot stuff. 
 The 2016 Olympics have started and it was neat catching a picture of these two watching the Olympics.  It was my dad's 16th summer Olympics and Little G's 1st. 
Today we had our big town wide rummage sale out at my folks house.  We put a lot of time and energy into putting a lot of stuff out to sale and it ended up paying off.  I also was able to buy several clothes for the kiddos and get a pack-n-play for the new baby coming soon.  It was a very productive day.  While we were outside selling Sissy came up holding a huge worm.  I got a kick out of it because that is something I would've done as a kid.  I had no problem picking up things like dirty worms and Sissy was the same way.  In fact, she was sad that we wouldn't let her bring the worm inside.

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