Saturday, August 13, 2016

Outdoor Olympics and Swimming

 Dad started putting together our own little outdoor Olympics for the kids.  We have been watching a lot of the Summer Olympics in Rio so the kids were excited to compete.
 But Sissy was the only one who wanted to stand for the medal ceremony.
 On Daddy's day off the kids begged to go swimming.  The last few weeks I told the kids that I am done swimming till the end of this pregnancy.  So the only time they are gonna be able to swim is when daddy is around.  Little G is a lot of work around the pool and this almost 30 week pregnant woman needs some extra hands at this point when we swim.  But the kids seem to understand and were excited to head to the pool.
 They have been working really hard to teach themselves how to swim...
 Daddy hung close to Little G.
 Bubby G is really wanting to start swimming lessons so probably this winter we will sign him up for some lessons at the local indoor pool.
 They enjoyed playing catch and Marco Polo...
 And splashing each other.
 About this point I was really wishing I could be in the pool.  There was no shady place to sit and I was roasting. 
 Trying to get everyone to wave at mom.
 Back and forth Sissy and Bubby would go from putting their faces under the water and then coming out to wipe their eyes.
 All better.
 Little G tried to do everything that the others did but wore out a little quicker than them.
 One of my favorite pictures of all time.  They sure do love their daddy.
 Sorry for the gross bug pictures but Bubby G has started enjoying photography and his favorite things to capture are dead bugs.
 He did a pretty nice job....too bad its a very gross bug.
 This summer we have been terrorized by these little bugs.  They look like sweat bees but I've heard they are actually called something else.  I was able to kill one on my finger and Bubby was ready to snap a picture.
 No more bug pictures..... We went last night to my folks house to celebrate my nieces birthday.  She was first saying that she can't believe she's already a century old but we quickly told her that it's a decade.  But still...It seems like she should still be four years old. 
 Happy birthday sweet girl.
I cherish these sweet sleeping moments.  It seems like he is growing up so so fast.  He does his best to keep up with the older kids and before long he will no longer be the baby in the house.  If they could only stay this small forever.....well, honestly, if they were this age forever then I would be one exhausted Mama.  But he sure is sweet at this age.  Love him to pieces.

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