Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week 2 - Homeschool Kindergarten

 Last weekend we enjoyed the Balloon Fest in town.  I say "enjoyed"....meaning it was a neat experience, but we were all worn out and ready to be back home just a few hours in.
 Saturday we sent pictures to Nana and Grandma of the elephant that Bubby had drawn during school and they both loved them so much that Bubby decided to draw them each an elephant too.  Of course, a batman costume always helps with any project.
 And you can't have a batman without a batgirl.  My kids can not wait till Halloween....their costumes already are getting a lot use.
 Weekends are nice.  We got our old rollercoaster out of the garage for Little G to ride.
 And he absolutely loves it.
 The best part is that Bubby G will help Little G so that this very pregnant Mama can sit and watch.
 Practicing his hitting.
 Goofy bubby. 
Notice in the background Sissy on the swing.  It wasn't but just a few days later that she taught herself how to swing.  So any chance she gets to go out and swing she takes it. 
 Checking out the praying mantis on our swing set.
 Quickly the weekend was over and we were back to work.  The other two were getting good at entertaining themselves....
 while Bubby works. 
 He's finally not eating the play dough and is actually playing with it.  This is a huge win in our house.
 Bubby was working on making patterns with the pegs but of course Little G was wanting to play too.
 Pretty hard to say no to that face.
 He did a great job with his color patterns and shape patterns.
 Love when they play together.
 Our Bible lesson was on Noah and the ark this particular day so Bubby was coloring the ark. 
 Working on writing the new words he has learned in reading.
 Proud of himself.
 His letter for the day was "S" so of course the picture he drew that starts with "S" is a picture of Superman.
 In Science we had been learning about predators and prey so we made a spot for predators....
 And a spot for prey...
 And I told this cutie to take my bin of Beanie Babies and separate the animals into either the predator pile or the prey pile.
 He liked this assignment a lot.
 Standing proud when the job was done.
 Giving the thumbs up for the predator pile....
 And the prey pile.
 Afternoons are nice because we are done with school early each day and the kids are able to play.  This is Sissy over at our neighbors house playing baby dolls.
 That evening before supper Sissy came to me and asked if I would teach her how to cut.  We practiced cutting straight lines and curved lines and zig-zag lines.  Then she asked me to cut some circles and she made each circle into a member of our family.
 She was pretty proud of her paper people.
 Back to work.
 This boy is such a goofball.  I asked him to say "cheese."  It still cracks us up that he loves to have his hand on his chin.
 We were still talking about Noah's ark so on this day Bubby cut out and glued animals inside the ark.
 Two of each animal.
 Sissy loved watching her brother work.
 It cracked me up how he was laying for his nap.
 We had Bubby's five year check-up and Sissy's 3 year check-up this last week.  Thumbs up for that.
 Bubby has told me that he likes to give thumbs up in his pictures now.  Works for me.  And, of course, Sissy follows suit.
 Getting measured.
 And weighed.
 Bubby went first with getting his oxygen tested....
 And his blood pressure done.
 I was blessed to have Nana there to help while Bubby was being check out.
 Then it was Sissy's turn.  She was all business while the nurse checked her out.  Sissy wouldn't crack even the tiniest smile.
 I tried telling the nurse just how excited Sissy was about her check-up, but you sure couldn't tell it.
 Then as soon as the nurse walked out of the room Sissy started showing her excitement again.
 All three on top of the examining table.  This was before Little G fell off the examining table and bonked his head.  New can only be on the table if the doctor is checking on you.
 This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever.  Classic kid time eating cereal.
 Bubby was coloring his rainbow and learning about the correct order of colors and about the promise from God that came from the rainbow.
 Praise God these kids like play dough so much.
 Doing a math worksheet that involved dice....this is right up Bubby's alley.  He loves stuff like that.
 He would roll two dice and then fill in the number of dots of each dice on each side of the lady bug.  Then he would write the total number of dots in the blank.
 Doing more addition. 
 For the letter "N" Bubby drew the superhero Night-wing.  Can you tell he likes superheroes??
 Cutting out his vocabulary words in Science.
 Must not of gotten enough sleep....
 This week Bubby drew a Tiger and he is writing out the facts that go with his Tiger.  He is doing so good with his handwriting. 
 Thursday was grocery store day.  I bought groceries that should last us two weeks and went home to cook all the meals and freeze them so they will be ready whenever we need them.  I had to snap this picture because once again he had his hand on his chin.  Silly boy.
 Bubby got to do his first Science Experiment.  We had been talking about camouflage animals and so this experiment involved M & M's and camouflaging them in colored paper.  Bubby was excited.
 First we dumped out all the M & M's
And Bubby had to separate them into each color.
 Nice job, Bubby. 
 Then he counted each pile to see how many M & M's were in each colored pile.
 And he would write his findings on his chart.
 Counting the yellows.
 Pointing to the smallest number of M & M's
 Then he put Red, Green, and Blue paper all around the laundry basket.
 Then wadded up some papers in the same colors....
 And threw them in the laundry basket.
 This was the face Sissy gave when she came in from the kitchen where she was playing with play dough and saw that Bubby was playing with M & M's.
 She was ready to help.
 She liked helping tear up the paper and throwing it in the laundry basket.
 Then we had the kids put all the M & M's in the laundry basket along with the colored paper.  The purpose of experiment was to see if it was easier for the kids to find the M & M's that were a different color than the paper, than the ones that were the same color.
 They would go digging and bring the M & M's back on the paper towel.
 Bubby wrote down the final results.
 Then we let Sissy work on sorting her colors.  So we got out all the M & M's and she had to put each M&M in the correct pile.  She did great.
 Finishing up a little math on his experiment.
 Then the kiddos each got to pick three colors and they gobbled them right up.  It was a nice pre-supper snack.
 An evening trip to Wal-Mart and I caught these two walking hand-n-hand through the store.  It does my heart good to see these two enjoying each other so much.
 One thing that has worked well for us is stickers.  Bubby loves to put a sticker on each worksheet he completes. 
 It actually makes it to where he begs to do worksheets.
 Using counters to work out some addition problems.
 First he put six counters in the big dog bowl then he had to evenly separate the counters into the small bowls.
 During this time, Sissy was feeding her baby doll play dough.....
 On Friday's Bubby gets to color in his animal that he's been working on all week.  This might be the highlight of the week for him.
 Little G wanted to color too.
 This is a very exciting time for Bubby.
 These two love each other....
 Very much.
 Great job on that Tiger.  I'm impressed with how well he's done with this. 
 When school was over he decided to help Little G with cutting up play dough.  A very thoughtful brother.
 Little girl must've been tired...she fell asleep with her cup on her face.
 Bubby staying up late reading.
 Saturday morning we got the boys' hair cut.  Little G actually sat perfectly still and seemed to enjoy his haircut time.
 Bubby looking sharp in his new haircut. He had picked out exactly what he wanted done to his hair...and it turned out really cute.
 Even on the weekends they enjoy playing play dough.
 We've been getting out baby stuff and I'm thinking Little G is gonna make a great big brother.  As soon as I put the swing out he put a teddy bear in it and started swing it. 
Saturday evening daddy and Bubby worked on their zoo.  Each lesson in science they will be adding a new animal to this zoo.  Sissy and Little G wanted to join in too. 
It's been another wonderful week.  Praising God for that.  Bubby went to bed disappointed Friday night because we weren't going to have school the next day.  To me, that's a good sign.

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