Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I have been looking forward to this Christmas for years....yes, YEARS!!  How much different BETTER Christmas is when you have a little one at home.  Unfortunately, Baby G had developed a terrible cough Christmas Eve and wasn't feeling the greatest.
 Here's our sweet Baby G at 6:30am on Christmas morning waiting to open up his presents.  He was one happy lil boy but I think it had more to do with spending time with his mom and dad....the presents were just a bonus.
 The first toy we showed him was a Thomas the train that makes noise when you pull the string.  All Baby G wanted to do, though, was eat the string.
 Then we showed him his big Christmas gift....a walker.  Baby G LOVED it.  So far he's just scooting backwards but I think before long he will be zooming around the house like a madman.
 Then we started opening up the wrapped presents.
 Mmmm...Another string to chew on.
 He's watching his daddy open up one of the boxes so he can play with it.  He was very patient.
 Aren't they cute.
 Baby G loved his new camera that sang to him... but his favorite gift was something that probably cost me 50cents.  It was a turtle bath toy, but he loved having the air squirted in his face.
 It would totally crack him up.
 It would take his breath away at first...
 But then he would start giggling.
Watch for yourself.
Isn't that hilarious.  We had an amazing Christmas together just the 3 of us, but we also enjoyed Christmas with both sides of our family.  Christmas Eve we went to Mr. G's family's for dinner and to open presents.
Here is Baby G with his cousin.  They just recently started noticing each other and playing together.  Actually, they just take toys away from each other.  Check out this cute video of the two of them.

Here is Baby G opening up his first stocking.

How did Santa know that Baby G loves books so much?
Mmmm...Baby G with a stocking that says "L" ....very interesting.
Here's me and my sweet boy.
He loves the wrapping paper!!!
Here is one of my favorite pictures.  These two people are the best Christmas gift ever.

This might be the cutest Santa ever.
It was a fun evening...just wish Baby G had been feeling better.
Then Christmas afternoon after church we all headed to my mom and dad's house for our Christmas gathering.
My nieces were so excited to open presents that they had all the presents put into piles even before everyone was done eating.
Here is my nephew about to open his present from Mr. G and I.  Can you guess what it is?....
Yep, it's a ball. After he opened that present he didn't want to open anymore.  He just wanted to play catch.
 I think this one bounced off his face and landed in his arms.  Nice catch, buddy.
 Baby G is just enjoying the wrapping paper at this point.
 Poor guy still wasn't feeling well.
 He would lean up against me and play with his hair or his ears....
 Here's a picture of all the grandkids with their great-grandma B.  They sure do love their grandma B.

And then we tried for a shot with them all sitting around the Christmas tree, but no matter how hard we tried we just couldn't get one where they ALL were smiling....but it's still pretty cute if you ask me.  The only thing missing this Christmas was that my brother and sister-in-law couldn't make it home for the holidays.  My brother is a preacher in Kansas and, praise God, made it home for Thanksgiving, but had to stay there for Christmas.  We sure did miss them a lot.
Well, that concludes our Christmas.  We were very blessed this Christmas and are very thankful for our wonderful family and friends, but most of all for our awesome Savior, Jesus Christ.  Merry Christmas, everyone!!!


Kendra said...

Looks like your little fam had such a great Christmas! And I agree, a little one makes the day EXTRA special. It was my girl's first christmas too :)

Mrs. G said...

Thanks Kendra. I absolutely LOVE your profile picture. Your lil girl is adorable!!