Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nap Time Buddies

For all of Baby G's life he has taken most of his naps with Marley....but now there is a 3rd member of the nap team.
Pictured: Baby G, Marley, & my nephew.
I have just started babysitting my nephew during the day while my brother and sister-in-law work.  It has been a wonderful arrangement because the two boys are becoming good friends.  They play together, talk to each other, and even take naps together.  Now I must admit that occasionally there is a 4th person sleeping on the left hand side of the picture next to Baby G......Hey, even mom's need a nap sometimes too.


Brittany said...

Baby B's mommy loves this!! How precious!

Mrs. G said...

Our two boys together do make for lots of cute pictures.