Friday, December 16, 2011


Baby G has been enjoying oatmeal now for about 2 weeks so come his 6 month birthday I decided to start him on regular food.  I have always wanted to make my own baby food and after getting some good information from my cousin-in-law I found that it is very resourceful and easy to make.  I learned that the first thing you need is a hungry baby....
After looking at some websites I decided to try sweet potatoes first.  I went to the grocery store and bought 4 organic sweet potatoes.  Come to find out....4 big sweet potatoes could last me a month even if I fed it to Baby G for lunch and dinner every day.  So I am set for a while on sweet potatoes.  First thing I did was bake 2 sweet potatoes in the oven.  Then I pureed them in a blender which made the house smell really good.  Once the sweet potatoes were pureed I put some in ice trays to freeze and others in old jelly jars to store in the fridge for Baby G's first few sweet potato meals.  When I am ready to serve the sweet potatoes to Baby G I simple put in on the oven on low and add some breast milk to thin it out.

 It turns out something like this.  Then all you have to do is feed it to the baby.....but only AFTER you have secured a heavy duty bib.

 He was excited to try his first real food.

Now he seems to be rethinking his decision.

 I think it was the texture that was getting to him.  I decided to thin it out even more and...

He did better.

I just need to make sure I never forget the bib.
The next week we tried our next food... Avocado.  It is even easier to prepare because all you have to do is small it up like a banana and add breast milk and you are good to go.

Looks pretty yummy, huh!!!
Baby G had gotten to where he loved his sweet potatoes so I was hopeful that avocados would be a hit too.
He wanted to help me out.....of course.

It sort of looks like slime coming out of his mouth but surprisingly enough...he liked it.  


Crystal Mendez said...

So cute ! God bless

Crystal Mendez said...

So cute ! God bless

Kaitlin said...

I think we are going to start Caleb on avocados next week. How long do they last you?