Friday, December 2, 2011

Laundry Helper

Every day is a new adventure trying to find ways to get my housework done while keeping up with my precious Baby G.  What I would like to do is just play all day with Baby G, read him books, rock him to sleep, and so on and so forth.....but that is not realistic.  There are times when I need to let Baby G entertain himself for his benefit and for mine.  Otherwise the house is a wreck when Mr. G gets home from work and Baby G won't know how to function without someone constantly around playing with him. 
 Who would've thunk that a laundry basket could be just the thing to help me out.  I realized that you just need a little padding on the bottom, a few toys, and a chubby baby to help hold everything down and VIOLA, you have a great play area to keep the lil one occupied while you do the laundry.
 Okay, so this isn't like one of those amazing ideas that you find on other blogs, but it is useful and Baby G seems to enjoy it.

There's nothing like finding a good book and parking yourself in a laundry basket for a relaxing read.

Mmmmm.... It appears that Baby G is trying to talk Marley into joining him in the basket.
Surely Marley won't give in to the peer pressure.
Well, I got my laundry done and Baby G had a blast in his new play area.  Now its time to put Baby G down for his morning nap.  Tootles!!!


Kathryn said...

cute pics! following you on google friend, would love a follow back!

Mrs. G said...

Thanks Kathryn!!!

D.D. said...

Baby G is so adorable! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I am a new follower. I look forward to reading more!

Mrs. G said...

Thanks so much D.D.

Rachel said...

AW, how cute is baby G?!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following's always nice to connect with a fellow mother. :)