Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dinner Time

Dinner time is nothing like it used to be.  Before when I would feed Baby G his cereal I felt like I was force feeding him.  Now when I feed Baby G he will take his hands and try and shove the spoon into his mouth.  I am glad that he is so excited about eating but....
 It does make a bit of a mess.
The messier the better in Baby G's mind.  You can't get the full effect without seeing the video though.

Dinner Time Video

Another weird thing I noticed was that Baby G loves the camera and loves to get his hands on it.  I caught a video of him trying to reach for the camera while he was sitting in his bumbo after dinner.... but unfortunately, every time he would reach for the camera it would cause him to tip over.  It was cracking me up so I had to add this video to the post too.  Enjoy!

Tipping Over Video

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