Monday, October 8, 2012

Curb Appeal

 After Baby G's long mid-morning nap we had lunch then headed into town to Lowes to get some stuff for our front landscaping.
 As we started setting everything up KitCat jumped into the window from inside the garage which caught Baby G's attention.
 Here's our big boy getting ready to help mom and dad plant some shrubs.
 Mom and Dad had shovels but we made Baby G dig with his hands.
 Then Baby G heard a train whistle off in the distance and he turned and looked at me with this adorable expression.  I know he's not smiling....but I think it is my favorite picture.  Maybe it's his eyes.

Then Mr. G had to head back to Lowes to get our second load of stuff and Baby G was waving bye as his daddy drove passed.

 After daddy left I tried to get some pictures of Baby G posing holding a pumpkin.
 But apparently the pumpkin was too heavy to hold.
 Then Baby G took off with one of my gourds.
 And, of course, he was gonna try and eat it.
 Then we enjoyed a nice game of...."I'm Gonna Get You"
 Once daddy got home it was Baby G's job to carry around the big white plastic thing that covered our trunk when we hauled the hay back from the store.
 And he thoroughly....
 Enjoyed his job.
 Here's Mr. G carrying one of the many bags of mulch up to the house.

 Baby G really enjoyed watching daddy....
 Hoe the dirt.

 So did KitCat....who some how managed to squeeze between the window and screen.  Silly Cat.
 You don't need to tack down the weed barrier....just stick a Baby G on it to hold it down.
 Baby G got tired of the front yard so he headed to the back yard to play.
 This big boy quickly climbed up the rope ladder and was....
 Getting ready to....

 Then he ran back and started climbing up the ladder again....
 But this time he had to wait his turn.
 We were able to get everything done just before the sun went down and I think Mr. G did a fantastic job.
Despite having never done this before and having a limited budget....I'd say our fall decor doesn't look half bad.  But most of all we had a blast putting it all together.....Especially Baby G.

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