Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fire Trucks

Thursdays has become known as 'Library Day' in our house and Baby G and my nephew look forward to it each week.  This week was extra special because the library had invited the fire department to come to let the kids tour a fire truck.  Both boys were super excited.

 Of course we first had to sit through library time.
But Baby G didn't mind.  In fact he loved it because he got to spend time with this sweet lil girl.  These two are absolutely adorable together but occasionally Baby G hugs on her too much and ends up knocking her over.  I'm glad this time he stuck with the simple wave.
 And then a few minutes later he went over and started eyeing another little girl.  Yep....Baby G sure does love the library.
 Finally it was time to go outside to see the fire trucks.  You can see the excitement written all over Baby G's face.
 We moved in closer to get a better look at the firetruck and to listen to the fireman talking but...
 The boys started getting a bit scared.  So the librarian took hold of my nephew and I had Baby G.
 Then the firemen showed us their uniform but...
 When they put the mask on Baby G started crying.
 So we had to take a few steps back.
 Surprisingly, my nephew went up and gave the fireman a high five....but shortly there after his eyes started welling up with tears.
 So the librarian took Baby G and I held onto my nephew.  Then it was time for all the kids to get a picture sitting in the firetruck.
 This cute lil guy is one of Baby G's and my nephews good friends and he absolutely loved the firetruck.
Of course, my boys were scared to death of the truck so I had to crawl in with them and still they were terrified.  It was quite a sight, I'm sure.
Then as soon as we got in the car they started talking a mile a minute about the fire trucks and they both ended up carrying their toy fire trucks around with them the rest of the day.  Aren't kids funny?

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