Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Painting Punkins 2012

We still had our punkins from the punkin patch and since Mr. G got off work early we thought it would be a perfect night to paint punkins.  This has become a G-family tradition.  As you might remember, last year...
Baby G painted his first punkin by putting his hand and foot prints on it.  
 But this year Baby G felt like he was ready to paint his punkin all by himself.
 So after laying down a trash bag, taking his clothes off, and even adding a bib for good measure....I dipped  a paint brush in the paint and handed it over to our 15 month old boy.
 And after worrying that he would stick the paint brush in his mouth we were both really excited to watch him actually start painting his punkin.
 It was so much fun to watch him while he worked.
 He was so serious about it...he even made sure he got the stem of the punkin.
 Then I realized that the bib was probably not needed so I took it off which seemed to make Baby G very happy.
 And back to work he went.
 He was one happy boy.
 He would paint and then hand me the paint brush so I could reload it with more paint.

 Then he would go back to creating his masterpiece.
 The more I was watching him paint the more I realized that when I took off Baby G's bib I didn't take into consideration his belly.
 The more he painted...
 And the closer his belly got to the punkin.

 But Baby G didn't mind a little paint on his belly.  It is a sacrifice that all good artists have to make.
 I just love this smile but unfortunately it didn't last.  Baby G couldn't stand it any longer and finally stuck the paint brush in his mouth and when he did both Mr. G and I yelled out, "NO," simultaneously which, of course, made Baby G....
 And he kept crying because my guess is that the paint didn't taste very good.
 So after working to get the bad taste out of his mouth we quickly decided it was....
Bath time!!!
And when bath time was all said and done and Baby G was paint free we decided to get one last picture of the final project.  Truthfully, in the past I wasn't much of a fan of abstract art....but I guess times have changed because I think Baby G's punkin is perfect.


Khadija said...

awe! this is a very beautiful piece of art!!

Mrs. G said...

Thank you!!! We put the punkin on our fireplace and Baby G enjoys going over to look at his masterpiece often.