Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making a Punkin Out of Leaves

The first step was getting a pile of leaves...
 And then pouring them out on the kitchen table.
 Unfortunately, the leaves weren't very crisp so we couldn't just crunch them up to make little pieces, we actually had to tear them apart which my nephew is so adorably showing you.

 Baby G didn't do a whole lot of tearing...he mostly scooted the leaves around the table...
Which he thought was hilarious.

 Then we took some orange paper and drew a shape of a punkin on it.
 Then we put glue where we had drawn the punkin.
 Now comes the tricky part....putting the crumpled up leaves over the glue.  You can see the determination in his face.
 Baby G was even piling up the leaves on top of the glue.
 They were hard at work.

And the finished project turned out pretty cute.  Gotta love simple but fun projects to do at home with the kids.  This piece of art will hang on our refrigerator for the remainder of fall.