Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween (Round 1)

This last weekend we went up north to see family and to celebrate Mr. G's birthday, but we used this occasion to also dress the boys up in their Halloween costumes.
 When we first got there the boys did a lot of playing.  They played with puzzles,

 And read some books.
They even got to play with their Santa hats.
I think my nephew was pretty excited to have Baby G come over and play.

 After asking Baby G to give his nephew a kiss he finally complied....I don't know what's more priceless...the boys....or Grandma's reaction.
Finally it was time to put the boys in their costume.  Any guesses on what Baby G will be?
Last year he was a chubby lil punkin.  And this year he is a ....
 Cardinal baseball player.
  And the best part is...he absolutely LOVES his costume.  When we tried it on him for the first time at home he didn't want to take it off.
Other than the mickey mouse on his baseball cap and being a little short, I think he could totally pass as the real deal.

 My nephew was an adorable firefighter....but at first wasn't too excited about the hat.

 So his Mama tried to make him laugh....I don't know if my nephew was laughing but the rest of us were.
 It seemed to do the trick.... Now he's ready to go.
 Cutest firefighter I've ever seen.

Here are the boys a year ago in their Halloween costumes.
 And here they are now.  Unfortunately, Baby G stole my nephew's ax which ended up causing a few problems for pictures.

 Papa then decided to join the Halloween spirit and put his Santa hat on.  After struggling to keep the boys happy we decided to take them outside....
And that seemed to do the trick.  Now we had two very happy boys.

 I think my nephew's favorite part about his costume was the inflatable ax.
 Baby G was showing his Papa a punkin while my nephew was wacking the ground with his ax in the background.  He was trying to play the part.
 What is Papa doing?

 I got a little bit of a smile here.
 We made another attempt to get the boys to sit together for a picture.  We had told both boys to sit on a punkin.  My nephew wasn't thrilled with the idea but....
Baby G enjoyed it....In fact...he enjoyed it so much that he....
 Decided to walked over to the mum....turn around....and....
 Take a seat on it too.
 Apparently sitting on the mum was a bit of a disappointment for Baby G.  Concern was written all over his face.

 My nephew thought it was funny though.
 The boys were hard at work playing with the punkins but....
 Every time a car drove by they both stopped what they were doing and would wave at the passing vehicle.
 Baby G's uncle got the brilliant idea of putting my nephew on top of the hay bale...
 Which made for a really cute picture.
 And it also made it easier to hit Baby G on top of the head with the inflatable ax.
 Then we stuck Baby G on top of the hay bale....which also made for a cute picture.
 I think he knew he was posing for the camera this time.
 And about that time the lil fireman took off towards the house....maybe he smelt smoke.

 We took that opportunity to try to take a picture with the grandparents.....but the ax got in the way.
 I love my nephew's expression.
 My nephew looks worn out from fighting fires and Baby G is showing off his perfect catcher's squat.
Would you believe me if I said I only showed you about half of the pictures I actually took this day?  When you got two cute kids it is hard not to snap picture after picture.  Well....Round 1 of Halloween is complete and I know for a fact that Baby G is looking forward to the next time he gets to put on his uniform.

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