Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last Minute Trip

At the last minute on Friday afternoon we decided to head up north to see our family.
 When we got there my cute lil nephew was standing outside to greet us.
 Since we don't live very close it isn't very often that Baby G gets to play with his cousin so you can well imagine that there were quite a few pictures taken that night.
 Baby G's cousin had an awesome room filled with toys....
 But wouldn't you know they would both want the same toy.
 When in doubt....just grab another ball.
 My nephew was being silly and decided to act like he was laying down to go to sleep....

 But before he could get up his Uncle G came and started tickling him like crazy.  My nephew thought it was the greatest thing and started laughing hysterically.  It was super cute.
 On the other side of the room Baby G was trying to learn how to play their wooden flute.

No....this is not Baby G and my nephew but I have always loved this picture and.....
I could see a lot of similarities between that picture and this one.  Only this caption would read something like, "You weren't thinking of taking my ball, were you?"

 We were wanting to try and get a picture of the boys hugging but that wasn't happening so I asked Baby G to give his cousin a kiss.... And he gave him a good one....right on the shoulder.
 Then Baby G got silly and pulled the hat over his eyes and started walking around.  I was able to get this picture right before he almost ran into the camera.
 After supper the boys enjoyed playing with Grandma and Papa and all the toys.
 Unfortunately, Baby G is scared to death of his when his uncle came in the room Baby G clung to his Papa.  You can see the terror in his eyes.
 We tried to get the boys to pose for some pictures....they were both supposed to sit down and smile at the camera....well....that didn't work out.
 So then we tried to have them both sit at the table....that worked out much better.

 But before long they were both back down playing.....and, of course, both wanting the same toy.
 This picture was taken right after Baby G had given his Grandma a kiss.
 Spending time with Papa....

 We gave it one last shot at getting a picture with Grandma, Papa, and the two boys....but unfortunately it was way past Baby G's bedtime....and he wanted no part of it.
But in this picture it almost looks like Baby G is smiling.
Right after this picture we hurried up and put Baby G in his pjs....he gave lots of kisses and waves goodbye to everybody...then we headed home.  It wasn't a minute down the road and sweet Baby G was fast asleep.

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