Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family Reunion

Baby G was very excited to meet a lot of cousins that he didn't know he had at my family reunion on Sunday.
 A great-uncle even brought Baby G a plastic hard hat to play with and another one to give to my nephew.
 This is the cool way to wear a hard hat.
 One of the best things about family reunions is the good food.  Baby G was washing it down with some nice cold water from his sippy cup.
 Notice the bib we had to manufacture for Baby G since his goofy mama forgot to bring one from home.  Oh...and also notice that Baby G was enjoying a snack right after he enjoyed a huge lunch.  This boy can never get enough.

 Once Baby G was finally done eating we had to sweep up his mess and, of course, Baby G couldn't miss out on this opportunity to sweep a little himself.

 A boys gotta do what a boys gotta do.
  And family reunions aren't complete without family pictures.  This is a picture of my grandma (on the bottom right) and her four siblings with one brother missing.  Each one of her siblings had there family at the reunion as well....so you can imagine just how many people we are talking.

Then we broke it down to my grandma and grandpa, my dad, and his four siblings.
 Then we pulled together everyone who was able to make it to the family reunion from just our clan.

 And then we tried for a 4 generation picture with my grandma, my dad, me and Baby G.  Unfortunately, Baby G was about 3 hours behind on a nap so weren't able to get a good picture.  We'll just have to try again later.   But it was a wonderful afternoon spent with family.....even if I didn't know who all of them were.

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