Monday, September 17, 2012


Since Mr. G had to work all morning we made it to Scott Air force Base just in time to see the Thunderbirds.
 My two boys looking for a good spot to watch the Thunderbirds.
 How sweet it this picture.  Poor guy has no idea what is about to happen.
 As we were walking Baby G got distracted by all the kids running around.....
 And then I think he zoned out for a little bit....but eventually he started walking again and we finally found our spot where we would stand to watch the planes.
 This made us all very happy.
 I love this picture.
 Baby G was just chilling out until the planes were ready for take off.
 Then we watched while the F-16 Thunderbirds drove one by one down the runway.
 The excitement was killing all of us.
 Finally the planes took off....unfortunately, Baby G wasn't a real fan of how loud the Thunderbirds were.
 We watched while the planes flew all over the place and even played chicken with each other.  Mr. G and I loved it, Baby G.....not so much.
 Baby G would hold on to me as tight as he could when the planes would fly over.
 And then once the planes had past Baby G would wave 'bye-bye' to them.  I think he was hoping they wouldn't come back.
 Because Baby G didn't like the noise we made our way back to the car.  We were still able to see the planes while we were driving...but it wasn't as noisy.

Here's Baby G adorable reaction to the Thunderbirds.
After we left Scott Air Force Base we ran a few errands and went out to eat.  It was a wonderful day to spend as a family.

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