Thursday, September 20, 2012

Car Wash

After my nephew found one of Baby G's cars outside covered in dirt we decided that it was time to have a car wash.
 First the boys looked through Baby G's stash of toy cars and picked out the ones they thought were dirty and needed a bath.
 The boys then put all the dirty cars into a bucket.
 Looks like we got one more dirty truck... thanks to Baby G.
 Then it was time to wash.  In one bowl we put a bunch of foam soap...

And it was my nephews job to put each car in the soap...

And then take a brush and scrub them clean.
 In the other bowl we put a bunch of water and it was Baby G's job to rinse off the cars that my nephew washed.
 Baby G has gotten better about looking at mommy and saying 'cheese' when asked....if he's in the right mood....and playing in the sink always puts Baby G in a good mood.

 My nephew was nice enough to let Baby G do a little scrubbing too.
The end result:  A bunch of clean cars....And two very happy, very clean little boys.

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