Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baby G Playing In The Mud

We finally received a good rain last night so this morning I thought it would be fun to put Baby G in some old clothes and let him go outside to play in the mud.
On our way out to the mud Baby G felt like the grass needed a little trimming first.  Notice the yellow bracelet on his wrist.
 Then we headed over to the garden where there was plenty of mud to dig in.
 Baby G really enjoyed taking his shoes off and walking around in the mud.

 No better feeling than mud between the toes.
Baby G was hard at work trying to fill the hole back up with mud.
 Love this smile.  He was on cloud nine.

 Look at his dirty bottom.  Super cute.
 It didn't take long before Baby G found his way over to the other side of the garden where the tomatoes were.

 Pajama pants, dirty shirt, no shoes, tomato in his hand, tomato juice all over his chin, and knee deep in tomato plants.....classic Baby G picture.
 Instead of the camera focusing on Baby G with a mouth full of tomato it focused on the gray sky and bright green tomato plants.
 I think there might be a little dirt in that grin.
 Playing peek-a-boo through the tomato plants.
 Baby G was pretty proud of the tomatoes we picked.....please note that I was not the one who picked the green tomatoes but I won't point any fingers.

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