Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dishes & Noah's Ark

This past week we had a day that was really humid and hot and according to the weather channel it was not healthy to be outside.  If you know Baby G at all you know that he would stay outside all day if I let him so I knew that this particular day I was going to need to be creative.  I am currently in a wonderful Bible study with a group of amazing women who are constantly giving me good ideas to do with the boys and one of their ideas was doing a Noah's ark that's exactly what we did.
First we read the book and both boys absolutely loved it....mostly because it had a lot of different animals in the book.  We were able to point out different animals and practice making our animal sounds.
 After we read the book then we reenacted  Noah's ark by using the Little People Noah's ark that Baby G's grandparents got him for Christmas.  We talked about Noah and how he listened to God when God asked him to build a big boat.  We then acted like the rain was starting to fall and we had to walk each animal into the boat.  Then we waited 40 days and 40 nights....actually I think it was more like 40 seconds and then the flood was over.  Then we had to get all the animals back out of the boat.  Both boys really seemed to enjoy playing Noah's ark despite the quick lesson we were forced to have on sharing when both boys wanted a certain giraffe. can't talk about Noah's ark without making a rainbow.  I got out all my construction paper....
And my nephew cut out a strip from each color....with some guided assistance with the scissors, of course....
Then he glued each strip onto a piece of white paper.
He was so proud of his rainbow....and truth be told, I think he did a pretty good job.
Baby G tried coloring himself a rainbow....
 but ended up getting frustrated because I wouldn't let him eat the crayons.
 After we made the rainbow we decided to put Noah's ark on the back of the paper so I cut out a boat shape and my nephew glued it on.

 Then he added star stickers to the sky.
By this point Baby G has found one of his old pacifiers and has calmed down.  Good thing because now it's time for Baby G to do the dishes.  You think I'm kidding.
 I filled both sides of the sink up with soapy water and gave each boy a wash rag and a bunch of dirty dishes.
 Nothing better than clean dishes and clean boys.
 Now I learned a few things from this dish washing experience.  1.)  Wash the cups and bowls ahead of time because they will likely fill up a cup and then dump it on the laminate floor.  2.)  Take off their shirts before they start washing the dishes.
I thought it would be cute to get a picture of the two boys in their wet clothes after they were done washing dishes....
But Baby G didn't like that idea.
But once I turned some Barney on both boys just sat back and relaxed.  I was then able to make them lunch and then we headed off for our afternoon nap.
We had a fun day learning about Noah and washing our dishes and even though it wasn't a completely tear free day it was still very enjoyable.

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