Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mozzie is 79

My Grandma Mozzie will be turning 79 on Thursday so we had a big family eatin on Labor Day in honor of her.  I made her a chocolate peanut butter cake that I found at Smittenkitchen.com  It was very rich but very good.
 After dinner Grandma opened her presents, we sang Happy Birthday (I wish I had gotten that on video....we had some interesting singing), and ate birthday cake.

 Grandma's face lit up when she saw her presents.
 Nutty Bars are Grandma Mozzie's favorite vegetable.  She also got a cute great-grandma picture frame with Baby G and my two nieces and nephew's picture in it.
 This is a drawing my dad drew in my grandma's birthday card of my grandma.
 Just a random picture of everyone while grandma was opening her gifts.
 After the meal and good fellowship we all went outside to watch the kids play.  But, of course, I got the brilliant idea of trying to take a picture of all four kids.
 I took lots of pictures....
 Which I won't put them all on here....but by the time we were done I was completely exhausted.  And so was everybody else standing behind me trying to get the kids to smile.

Finally after the photo shoot I let the kids play.  Baby G was enjoying pulling the weeds.....Keep it up, son.  Lord knows we got a lot of weeds that need pullin.

Happy Birthday, Mozzie!  I don't think you realize just how special of a woman you are and how much you mean to our family.  Every moment I get to spend with you is such a blessing.  Thank you for your wonderful example as a Christian woman, wife, mother, and friend.  How happy I would be if you had another 79 years left in you.  We love you, Mozzie!!!

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Party Of Four said...

Aww, Happy Birthday to your grandma!