Tuesday, July 23, 2013

40 Years Of Ministry

This last Sunday was the 40th anniversary of when my dad preached his very first sermon.  My mom has been ministrying as a preachers wife for 37 years and my dad has been ministrying for 40 years.  And the number doesn't do justice to all that they have done for the Lord in those years.
They are a "dynamic team" as brother said in his speech on Sunday.  And over the years they have often told me how proud they are of me, but this time I want them to know just how proud I am of them.
To make this day extra special for dad most of his family was able to come to support him.  We had kept everything a surprise so I videotaped my dad when all of his family walked in.  My dad doesn't ever show too much excitement about things, but trust me when I say he was "plum-tickled."
My mom had set up several special things for dad at Sunday's morning service including a special song by one of our members.  The song was called, "As For Me And My House."  It was perfect for the occasion because mom and dad's ministry has always started at home.  They put our family before the church and because of that all three kids are saved and heaven bound.  Can't thank them enough for that.
This is dad listening to the song....he didn't realize that anything special was going on until this point in the service.
You can see part of the Nashville Christian Church congregation along with the section of dad's family and friends.
This picture I think is kinda neat.  40 years ago to the day the sweet woman sitting on the left, my dad's mom, was sitting in the crowd hearing her son preach for the first time and now 40 years later she is still in the crowd getting to enjoy his sermons.  I'm not telling you anything new by saying that she is proud of her boy. 
My aunt and uncle not only got to enjoy a good church service, but they also got to enjoy holding our sweet Sissy G. 
We showed dad our appreciation by having all three of us kids stand up and say a few words for dad.  My brother from Kansas was able to videotape himself so we could show his words to dad that way.  My mom also had a plaque made for my dad which was presented to him at the end of his sermon.  When it was all done we took our family outside and had a group photo in front of the church.  We are missing some family so its not perfect, but it is still a pretty neat picture.

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