Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sissy G's First 2 Weeks

I need to get caught up on here from the last two weeks.  It's amazing how there just doesn't seem to be any extra time anymore...or if there is extra time I usually am trying to catch up on some sleep.

This is the very first time Bubby G held his lil sister.  It was the day after she was born and it was just the four of us in the hospital room.  It was an amazing moment watching his eyes light up when we placed her in his arms.  He truly already loves her.
There is really no order to my bear with me.  Sissy G ended up having acid reflux so my mom brought a lil chair for her to sit in at the hospital that would keep her more upright.  It was way better than the bed they had her in.
Sissy G was not about to make it easy on these two when they went to change her diaper.  It was hilarious to watch.
 We had lots of visitors come through to visit with Sissy G including her Grandma and
Grandpa again.  They couldn't believe how much she had already changed in just one day.
Resting in her daddy's arms.
The hardest part for me was the time away from Bubby G.  I couldn't hardly stand it.  So I tried my best to occupy my time in the hospital by taking pictures of my new sweet baby girl.  It definitely helped pass the time.
It melts my heart every time she looks up at me.
 This is Sissy G's first picture taken at home.  I think she's gonna be comfortable here.
The day we came home from the hospital ended up being a rough day on this lil guy.  He went to church that morning and then after church him and daddy came and picked us girls up from the hospital to bring us home.  If I could do the day over again I would because as soon as we got home Bubby G wanted to play with his new lil sister, but it was already 3:00 and he hadn't had a nap.  Plus he was supposed to go to VBS with his Nana and Gampa that night so I knew he would be a crab if he didn't have his nap.  After an hour we finally got him asleep but we had to wake him up just an hour later to go back to church.  Apparently, he had a terrible time at church because he wanted to be at home.  He wanted to be with his new sister.  This picture was taken right as he came home....he was so excited.  He was right where he wanted to be.
The first night was a little rough.  Sissy G was hoping to get held the whole night and that just wasn't going to happen.  Plus Bubby G woke up around 12:00 wanting to be with his sister.  I think he was scared he was gonna miss out on something.  Mr. G tried to put him back to bed but about 30 minutes later Bubby G comes walking back into our room....apparently Mr. G had fallen asleep in Bubby G's bed and so Bubby G was able to slip out and come back into our room.  The three of us spent the night together trying to get sleep in between dirty diapers and feedings.  This picture was taken that next morning right after the two kids had woken up.  I hope I never forget that morning because the two of them were so cute together.
Some of our neighbors came over to see Sissy G and they took our second family picture of four.
She is bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning.  I love it.
I love this picture.  I think these two are going to be good friends.
He's already so protective of her and usually very gentle.
Conked out on daddy. 
I'm probably putting way to many pictures on here....
But I just can't help it.
I am one proud Mama.
It's tummy time.  Bubby G would lay down next to Sissy G and talk to her while she did her tummy time.  It was priceless.
Bubby G never liked tummy time but Sissy G really seems to enjoy it.
Sissy G went out to eat to her first restaurant for her Gampa's birthday.  Both Bubby G and Sissy G went to Ryan's for their first time going out to eat.  Bubby G went there for Father's Day and Sissy G went for Gampa's Birthday.  Happy Birthday, Gampa.
Enjoying some time with her Nana.
Is it hard to believe that this girl gets lots of kisses?
This was Sissy G's first time going to church.
Even though she slept the whole time I think she enjoyed it.
I'm back in Sissy G's room putting away some new bows and when I come back in the living room and I see this.  Apparently, Bubby G thought Sissy needed to be wearing a bow.
What a good big brother....and she is such a good sport.
We also had an incident where Bubby G fell face first into the mud and water in our ditch.  He had been playing in the water but then he decided he wanted to bounce like Tigger....unfortunately he lost his balance and landed literally face first in the water.  I would not be surprised if there was a face implant on the bottom of that puddle.  He went down hard.  It scared us half to death at first but then once we realized he was okay we started laughing.
 Poor guy.  He had mud in his nose and in his mouth.  Daddy was trying to show him how to spit to get the mud out of his mouth.  I am a terrible mom to have videotaped it.
He eventually found the humor in it and started laughing too. 
Wow!  Talk about some bedhead.
Taking care of his sissy.
I absolutely love being a mom of two!!!

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Ms. Brown-Haywood said...

There are just so cute! Glad Bubby G is being such a great big bro! See you guys in a few weeks!! :)