Wednesday, July 17, 2013


"Barney is coming to my house, Mommy."
This is what I heard all day last Thursday....and I mean all day.  Along with.... "Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ are coming to my house." I would just agree with him thinking he was just exploring his imagination.  Turns out he really DID think they were coming over and as the day progressed and they didn't come he started getting upset. 
"Call Barney, Mommy.  Tell him to come soon."  So I played along and pretended to call Barney but I was starting to get worried.  I obviously knew that Barney and all his friends were not going to be making a stop at house but Bubby G was adamant that they were. 
Then he switched gears a bit and decided he needed to go find Barney and he was positive that Barney was on the farm.  So Mr. G and I took Bubby G and Sissy G to my cousin's farm to look for Barney.
On the drive to the farm.  I'm hoping that going to the farm will somehow stop his thinking that we need to see Barney.
We get to the farm and I can tell he is looking around for Barney and he doesn't see him.
We try to distract him by watching my cousin feed the calves.
Bubby G liked the calf....but he wasn't too sure about petting him.
Looks like the calf is still hungry.
 Bubby G tried to walk by the calf to see the pet goat named Waffles....but the calf was wanting some more attention.
Lil Ms Sissy G came along to the farm too....but I'm not sure she was awake enough to really enjoy it.
 Yep! Definitely not awake.
We went through the whole farm enjoying each and every animal but there was one thing missing.....Barney...and our Bubby G noticed.  He started asking again, "Where is Barney?"  "I want to see Barney."  "I go to Barney's house."
Guess our trip to the farm wasn't enough to get Bubby G's mind off of Barney.
When we got back to our house and we noticed that Bubby G was really starting to get upset I decided to take him into Wal-Mart to find him a Barney to bring home.  He was so least until we got to Wal-Mart and we realized that they had no Barney.
He was in tears when we got home so we decided to go for a walk trying to find Barney.  And, of course, we had no luck.  After seeing our lil man so upset and disappointed Mr. G and I decided that the next day we would take Bubby G to St. hour Toys-R-Us to find him a Barney to bring home.
Talk about an excited lil boy when we started down the road the next day in search of his Barney.

You can see just how much Bubby G was wanting a Barney.
But, just as our luck would have it, Toys-R-Us had no Barney either.
When we heard the bad news we sat Bubby G down...
And Mr. G tried to explain to him that Barney isn't here after all and that we were so sorry.
Can you imagine this sweet face looking up at you and having to tell him this devastating news?  It was not fun at all.  We would explain that Barney isn't here and Bubby G would say, "Ok!.....But where's Barney?"  He just didn't understand.  Then one of the workers informed us that there are a few Barney DVDs to choose from if we wanted it. 
 When we found the DVD Mr. G told Bubby G that he got a call from Barney and Barney wanted him to have this very special movie of him.
We were hoping this would be enough to make him happy...and it looks like it just might do the trick.
Being a big boy and handing the checkout lady his new DVD. 
In the car watching his new DVD.  Well...I wish this was the end of the story but as soon as we got in the car our lil man started asking again for Barney to come to his house.  Mr. G and I just hung our heads.  We then decided to go try....
Target.  According to their online store they should have a lil stuffed Barney.
But it was another strike out and we had to sit Bubby G down again and tell him the bad news.  We were starting to feel like the worst parents ever.  Sissy G, however,....
Wasn't too worried about it.  She was resting peacefully in my arms.
And lucky for Bubby G, he has a really fun dad who was able to make him smile as we left the story empty handed.
The next day Mr. G was telling a woman he works with about our Barney adventure and she told Mr. G that she has a Barney from when her kids were little and she would let Bubby G have it if he wanted it.  Talk about an answered prayer.
So we headed to the YMCA where Mr. G works to pick up our Barney.
First we had to find daddy....he was up teaching an aerobics class.
 Bubby G watching while his daddy showed off Sissy G to some members.
Finally it was time to get our Barney.  This is the sweet lady who was the hero in finding us a Barney.  Bubby G was so excited.
Unfortunately, a crowd started gathering around as we gave Bubby G his Barney so Bubby G got shy and even acted as if he didn't want Barney. 
Then we were really surprised when she also whipped out a Baby Bop for Bubby G to have.  Talk about being a hero!!!
Bubby G holding his new pals in the car.
We then went to Nana and Gampa's house to show them our Barney and Baby Bop.  Bubby G was so excited to show them off.
Barney and Bubby G became very fast friends.  Bubby G took him for a walk...
Laid him down for a nap....
He even fed him.  Bubby G is pretending to be nursing Barney.... He's gonna love to hear this story when he's older.
The next day he picked up where he left off....taking Barney up into the playhouse.....
And down the slide.
He even put him in our baby carrier and walked around the house with him.  We are so thankful and so excited that we now have not only a Barney but also a Baby Bop living at our house.  Now we just gotta hope that Bubby G doesn't decide that he wants more "friends" to come to his house anytime soon.  I don't think we will be making anymore trips to St. Clair just to find a particular stuffed animal....but we say that now.

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Lauren said...

Well, bless his little Barney loving heart. I found myself smiling all throughout this story. You two are amazing parents to that sweet boy (and girl!!) :)