Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beautiful Saturday for a Concert

Having a July day where it's a high of 73 degrees is just unheard we took advantage of it and spent our Saturday outside as much as we could.
We met up with my 2 nieces and nephew and Nana and Gampa at the park to play, and unbeknownst to us....also watch a concert.  The kids had been playing on the dinosaur so we took that opportunity to snap a few pictures.
They are so cute....and definitely related.
Then we added a fourth one on the back.....
And another one on the front.  I bet that dinosaur has never had 5 kids on it before.....or maybe it has.
After our photo shoot and playing on the slides and swings we then walked over to the concert.  The crowd wasn't real big and the group singing might not be somebody you've ever heard of before....but they sure did a good job.
It was a perfect day for a concert....especially this kind of concert.
I'm not sure if my favorite part was Bubby G's bow, watching him play his pretend drums, or hearing him shout at the end, "I did it."  All in all it was a classic cousins moment.

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