Saturday, August 10, 2013

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Every day is fun and exciting and full of new adventures in our house.  Not a minute is dull and every minute is priceless.  Every minute is also worth blogging but my camera isn't always around.  Here's some of what I got captured over the last week.

 Sitting in the car waiting on Nana at the doctor. 
This is Sissy G's excited face when we heard Nana got good news.
Bubby G thought this would be a good place to try and poop. 
On August 6 we started seeing smiles from Sissy G....and not just the dreamy smiles but the real thing. 
We took lots of naps.
Although this is my favorite nap time picture of all time.
I hope these two are always close.  Sissy G sure looks big in this picture.
I have been trying to catch Sissy G's smiles on camera...but haven't had much luck.
That might be considered a grin.
We got Sissy G a couple new dresses and she showed them off at church.
Hanging with her Nana.
Here's the other dress. She wore it when we went up north to visit family.
Where we went down the slide...
Ate grapes....
Played in the sandbox...
Got dirty...
Had a bath....
And enjoyed time with family.
Love those eyes.
I think I have taken so many pictures that Bubby G has started mimicking me and acting like he's taking a picture too.
The remote is his camera here. Everyone say "Cheese."
Trying to get the two together but Sissy G wasn't thrilled with that idea.
I like that one better.
Still trying to get a picture of that smile.

For our sensory play of the day I thought Bubby G would enjoy stacking blocks using shaving cream.  I got this idea from
But that's not exactly what ended up happening.
He enjoyed playing with it...
He just played with it in a lil different way then I thought he would.

Then we took all of our sensory stuff outside to clean.
Apparently wooden blocks are a lot more fun to play with when you have water.
And the whole time Sissy G was just hanging around while we did it all.
Literally hanging.  She's a trooper.
And look who's come over to play.
I sure do enjoy these wonderful days of our lives!!!

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