Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cloth Diapers Are Back

We have about finished up the disposable diapers that people gave to us as gifts when Sissy G was born and so it is time to enjoy the cloth diapers once again.
Here's Bubby G in the same cloth diapers almost exactly two years ago.
I think Sissy G enjoys how they feel....
She seems pretty happy to me.
 The only downfall to cloth diapers is that you have to change their diaper more often.  But it ain't so bad since I get to stare at this gorgeous girl while I do it.
Bubby G wanted in on the action to show off his new boxer briefs.  He is growing up way too fast!!  It seems like yesterday I was starting the adventure of cloth diapering with him. 

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Lauren said...

He may be THE cutest underwear model. Ever.