Sunday, August 18, 2013

Outside Fun

Bubby G is an outside kind of kid.  If he could be outside all day everyday he would so thankfully this summer hasn't been overly hot and we've been able to spend a lot of time outside....even with an infant tagging along with us.
In fact, Sissy G seems to like it outside too.  I can lay her next to me on the swing and she seems perfectly content.
She'll look up at the birds....
Or stare at the clouds passing by....
Or just keep her eyes on her Mama.
Bubby G, however, likes to play ball, or work in the garden, or chase the cat, or play in his sensory table like he's doing here.  Last week the sensory table was full of rice but this week it's full of sand.
Notice how all three dogs plus the cat enjoy being out there with us.  You have to have good eyes to see them all.

Bubby G likes playing in the sand even more once Daddy is home.
And while they play Sissy G went inside to sleep.  Sleeping is her favorite thing to do.  The other night she slept 14 hours and then turned around and took a 7 hour nap.  And her favorite position to sleep is on her belly just like this....Mama's only concern is making sure this sweet girl can breath.  Don't you just love the rolls in her arm.
After playing in the sand Bubby G thought it was a good time to take a wagon ride around our neighborhood.  Anybody want to hop in?
Looks like Mickey was ready to jump on board.
Just enjoying the ride.
Bubby G was enjoying it too.
Oh boy!  Now there are two dogs.  I'm not sure Mickey was real thrilled with Marley crowding in on his space.
Poor Mickey.
These two have got to be heavy to pull in that wagon.
Looks like Bubby G agrees with me.
Bubby G enjoyed the ride but he must've thought he wasn't going fast enough....
So he decided to hop out and help push.  He is such a big helper.

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