Monday, August 19, 2013

Bubby G Loves To Sing

I get the joy of getting to watch Bubby G sing often.  And I mean often.  This boys life is just one big song.  He especially enjoys watching Barney and has learned most of Barney's songs.  We have gotten into the routine lately in the afternoons after his nap while Sissy G is still sleeping (This girl will take a minimum of a 4 hour nap every afternoon) I will sit at the computer planning out our homeschool curriculum for this upcoming school year and Bubby G will watch Barney.
On this particular day Bubby G wanted to bring two extra chairs over so that Mickey and Marley could sit by him and watch Barney too.
I don't know if the dogs liked it or not but they both stayed in their seat for the entire Barney episode.

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