Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's Party Time

We had had a full week of fun at home but we were excited to get out and go to a friend's birthday party.  It was out by the lake and had a bounce house, face painting, snow cones, slides, and swings, and lots of lil kids for Bubby G to play with.  When we pulled up to the party Bubby G put his fist up in the air and yelled out, "It's party time!!"
First stop was the bounce house.  Bubby G was so excited.
But the excitement didn't last long.  This was him telling me, "I don't want to."
Mr. G had squatted down to talk to Bubby G and try to explain to him that it would be fun to do the bounce house.  But it didn't work.
This lil girl tagged along with us at the birthday party.  She actually wasn't the youngest one there.  There was a 8 day old lil boy and a 2 week old lil girl but Sissy G seemed so much bigger than the both of them and she is only 7 weeks.  She sure is cute though and was such a good lil girl.
Bubby G then saw the swings and slides so he took off to go play.
This is more Bubby G's style.  Mr. G and I were laughing because we went to the birthday party so he could experience fun things like the bounce house.  We swing everyday at home...but yet the swing is where he wanted to be.
I caught the tail end of a smile.
Bubby G then found a lil playhouse.  Now if he could just find a friend to play with.
 Then he climbed up this lil tree house...
And found this sweet lil girl and they became fast friends.
Snow cone time.
Now they both got a snow cone.
This is the first time Bubby G has ever had a snow cone date with another girl.  He looks pretty happy about it.  Although it could just be that Bubby G was excited about his snow cone.  You know how Bubby G is about his food.
Then we headed back to the playhouse.
I got lots of smiles while he was in the playhouse.
And don't you know I'm gonna put all the smiling pictures on here.
Now if I could just get this lil girl's smile on camera.  I always get so close.
Uh-Oh...now they're sharing a swing... These two were cracking me up.
Then after waiting a lil bit in line it was finally Bubby G's turn to get his face painted.  There were kids walking around with amazing lion or tigers on their face.  There was a frog and a butterfly and a lizard.  I asked Bubby G what he wanted on his face and he wanted Chuggington.  So I told the face paint lady and she had to look it up on her phone because she had never done Chuggington before.  It looks like Bubby G is a lil nervous.
Off to a good start.
Apparently it put Sissy G to sleep.
Almost done.  Dad had to hold Bubby G's head so he wouldn't move.
The sweet lady who put on the birthday party and invited us asked Bubby G if she could take his picture....he did not give her in the slightest hint of a smile.  The lil stinker.

 I didn't get a smile either but at least he let me see his cheek.  The funny thing is as soon as we got in the car he couldn't stop talking about the train on his face.  And at bath time he was very upset to see that it washed off.  So even though Bubby G didn't enjoy the bounce house he did enjoy everything else and so did we.  It was a fun day out together as a family.

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