Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1st Day of Preschool

Bubby G officially started preschool Monday.  I was so excited for him. Now Bubby G isn't gonna be like everybody else and go away for school.  He's actually gonna do school at home with his family and that makes me really excited. 
He's already following directions.  I told him to hold the paper up by his chin.....he definitely did that.
Our color for the beginning of this week is black so I bought some dried black beans for Bubby G to play with.  We also went around and found some toys that were black and stuck them in there to play with.
Bubby G really enjoyed it.
Of course, Bubby G spilled a few dozen beans on the floor so he also enjoyed sweeping those up.
He has loved sweeping since before he could even walk.
Bubby G also did a worksheet where he was tracing the number zero....but he thought it was more fun to draw on his face, and stomach, and legs.  We'll just call that being creative.
We also took our black magnifying glass outside to look for black bugs.
He's looking in a spider web on the grass for his black bugs.
Getting a lil help from Kitcat.
Apparently, Bubby G thinks there is a black bug on my face.
He was very serious with his magnifying glass.
We also enjoyed putting shaving cream on our back sliding glass door.  We worked on drawing circles and writing his name.
And also just enjoyed playing in it.
Then we did some sidewalk chalk except we did it on our back deck.
Of course, he enjoyed drawing on himself most of all.
We even took some time to do some bird watching. 
We took several breaks from school including one to watch Winnie The Pooh. 
We finished up our school day with Bible time.  This week we are talking about the first three days of creation.
God made the sky on the second day so I made a cloud with holes for Bubby G to lace through with a string.  It's supposed to be good for hand eye coordination.
Looks like Mickey Mouse and Minnie are gonna help.
And now we got the whole gang watching. 
I'm learning that with homeschooling you need to just go with the flow.....especially since he's just two years old.  So we did our memory verse together while he played with his toys.  I think all in all school is shaping out to be a lot of fun.  Most of all I'm enjoying spending this time with my lil man.

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