Monday, July 15, 2013

Family Time

As you can well imagine we have had lots of visitors come to meet our sweet Sissy G and a lot of them have been family.  This gave us a great opportunity to take pictures especially since we have some new lil ones that needed added to the family portraits.
One special visitor was my lil nephew who came all the way from Kansas....Don't worry, he didn't travel alone....

He brought his mom and dad with him.

 Isn't he precious!!!
He could hard contain his excitement!!!
And just like we figured...they were adorable together.
 They are about 5 1/2 weeks apart in age and....
Even though they live far apart I think they will be good friends.
We decided to take our photo shoot up on the couch to prop up the babies...but that didn't work out too well.
At least not for Sissy nephew seemed to really enjoy it.
Uh....time to stop taking the pictures and save Sissy G.
One last picture of the two finally sitting if I could only get them both to smile for me and look at the camera.
On the Fourth of July we dressed the kiddos up in their red, white, and blue and headed over to my brothers house for food, family, and fireworks.
And while we were there we were able to get an awesome picture of all 6 grand kids.  There is a good chance you might be seeing this picture again on someone's Christmas card come December.
The boys getting ready for the fireworks.  
A week or so later we then got a visit from another sweet nephew of mine.
It seems like anytime these two kiddos get together it usually ends up in a chase.... It could possibly be because of Bubby G's scary uncle running behind him.
Bubby G doesn't seem to mind though.
Another cute family picture taken with Grandma and Grandpa.  The only way we could get the boys to stand still was to tell them that they were gonna get to go swimming if they took a good picture.  Hints...Bubby G in his swimsuit.
Then we got a bunch of cute pictures of the boys getting ready for the pool.  It started with Bubby G finding one of his cousin's shoes.
And giving it back to him.
Then we realized this could be a great picture opportunity....which usually doesn't work out well when you're dealing with toddlers.
My nephew's got the right idea.
Wait!!!....Where'd Bubby G go?
There he is.....And they are both if we could just get them to sit together on that bench.
Now their just being silly....but we are getting closer to a possible good picture.
Getting closer.... Now just look this way, Bubby G.
WOW!  That one is good too.
Better take a bunch of pictures because this moment may never happen again.
Checking to make sure the other one is still smiling.
Looks like we lost one.... But I think we had a very successful photo shoot.
Now it's off to the pool.
Mr. G is holding Bubby sister-in-law is holding my nephew....
And Grandma is holding Sissy G....They both decided to sit out the pool together.
I think Bubby G was officially tired of saying, "Cheese."  But I thought I would try one last time.
And I'll finish the post with a family picture of just the four of us.  God has sure blessed me with a wonderful family.  I could not be more in love with those three sweet people sitting next to me.

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