Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Is it just me or is this picture priceless?
Mr. G is holding Mickey Mantle, my little boy, and they are both fast asleep. Mickey has grown to love his new daddy quickly and here is living proof of it.
This is a Sunday afternoon and I had already woke up from my nap.
You must first understand the severity of a nap on Sundays. My family could not survive without them. You see my father is a minister, as is my two older brothers. As for my mom, Mr. G, and I, we all do the children's Sunday school and children's church downstairs. So, as you can imagine Sundays are very eventful and take a lot of work and energy. So, ever since I was a little girl, naps were always taken on Sunday afternoons.
But here sleep Mr. G and Mickey, both equally as sweet but in very different ways. I simply could not resist taking this picture before they woke up.
FYI - they both woke up after they heard the snap of the camera. Whoopsie!
At least I am married to a man who wakes up in a good mood. He just smiled at me and I rewarded him with a kiss and reminded him just how cute he is.
Just keep being you, Mr. G, and you will make me the happiest woman in the world.

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