Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Home

Welcome to our new home. This picture was taken on August 2009, just 3 months after our wedding. Up until this point we had been living in a beautiful rental duplex in a town about 30 minutes away where my grandma lives. It was a perfect location because my grandpa had died just a month before our wedding and so we wanted to be near my grandma during those first months. Because I am a teacher I was free the whole summer so me and my grandma were able to hang out a lot.
Those were wonderful days, but this house became open and before we knew what we were saying we put an offer on it and it was accepted. It was a bit of a surprise at first but we were extremely excited because we were only going to be 7 miles from my folks and it is a perfect neighborhood. At his point we had owned this gorgeous cottage for almost an hour and Mr. G and I were shocked at how easy it was to buy a home. We thought surely we were doing something wrong because shouldn't buying a house be stressful and hard. I guess we were just lucky or maybe blessed would be the correct wording.
The two windows to the left are our garage and the two windows to the right are the extra bedrooms that someday will be filled with approximately 7 children, God willing.
By the way, it is not that important that Mr. G only wants 2 kids. I really think that we will learn the true meaning of compromise and end up with a number in the middle of my 7 and his 2. So, as I was saying, those two rooms will be filled with 7 children, God willing. (My math never was very good, but it might go in my favor here)
The large window in the middle is our living room and behind it is our kitchen and dining room. The only down side is the mass number of unnecessary walls. Our goal is to eventually tear down at least one wall, as well as add laminate or hardwood floors, paint every room, and chang the wood work. Not to mention I would love to add a fence and change both bathrooms.
So far everything has been so easy and I am sure the renovation will be a breeze as well. But what do I know.

At this point we are just excited about having our own home and being able to have room to put all of our stuff.
By the way, do you see that large beautiful tree in the background? Well, once fall came around we became very closely acquainted with that tree and the 3 others that look just like it in our yard. These are our beautiful gumball trees.

Excuse me if I don't jump for joy at the sound of gumball. Those sharp little pesky balls got old fast and it is only our first year here. I would love advice from anyone who knows the best way of picking them up.

One of our wonderful neighbors suggested we drill a deep hole into the trunk of the tree and pour gasoline in the hole. He says this will get rid of the gumballs for good, but I'm thinking that will get rid of the tree for good. I can't imagine pouring gasoline into the tree being good for the tree or anything near it. So, like I said, any advice would be much appreciate on ways to pick the gumballs up. This last fall I actually used a rake some and a Frisbee some to get the gumballs into the wheel barrel. Good times!!

Well, we are a Happy Go Lucky couple just starting out. Nothing really tying us down. We are just living day by day enjoying every moment and looking forward to what lies ahead. We are positive that hardships will arise with this house, but why worry about that now.

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