Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is an image I see most every morning.
I know you are probably someone who believes it is wrong to let your dog sleep in the bed with you and your husband and if I had a normal dog I would maybe say the same thing. However, this here is Mickey Mantle and he is anything but normal. He truly believes that he is a little boy and that he owns this bed just as much as Mr. G and I. He usually gets cozy right in between us every night, but when I get up in the morning to take a shower Mickey is thrilled to take my spot. He really prefers his head on the pillow as you can see, and most mornings you will usually see him covered with the blanket as well.
And then there lies Mr. G. Oh my sweet husband who views morning as a war that has to be won everyday. I am quite different, however. I am someone who will hear the alarm, turn it off, be a bit upset that it's already morning, and then go ahead and get up and move on with my morning routine. This is not true for Mr. G.
Mr. G will usually turn off his alarm, apparently sometimes without even waking up, and he will proceed to lay in bed asleep. As most of you know, this is bad when you have a job that you have to go to in the morning. Eventually Mr. G will realize that he has only 15 minutes now to get ready for work so he must get out of bed. This is where the war begins.
If you watch it will take him multiple attempts to get up. He will try sitting straight up, but he only makes it a tenth of the way there and will fall back down to the pillow. He then will try to let his legs drop off the edge of the bed, but then he finds that this is actually pretty comfortable too, so he will just lay there, half on and half off of the bed. Finally, he will do the roll. He will proceed to roll off of the bed trying to catch himself with his feet and hands before his face hits the ground. Praise God the first battle of the war belongs to Mr. G.
Then he will try and walk. This is the second battle. I have never seen my husband drunk but I don't have to because seeing him in the morning is virtually the same thing. When he tries to walk every step goes a different distance than the step before it. It might be a short step, then a long step, followed by two really quick short steps, and maybe a medium step in there once in a while. Awkwardly he walks towards the bathroom. The frustration is written all over his face. Frustration because he knew that he could walk when he went to bed last night and he is not for sure why today he has lost the ability. Then he turns the corner for the bathroom but unfortunately, he never makes it through the door on the first try. Somehow he can't seem to make it through the doorway and again frustration arises because he knows just yesterday that doorway was a lot bigger.
Now whatever happens after that I do not know, and I do not want to know because that is a part of my husbands world I don't want in.
Once my husband makes it out to the living I am usually almost ready to leave for work but we quickly have breakfast together. While I try to enjoy my cereal and the news and my wonderful husband I am amazed at the sounds that come from his body. I never knew that a human can make such noises. Often I will ask him what he did to make that noise and he will always reply, "I didn't hear anything."
Then usually my husband will make it fully awake usually right before I walk out the door. Here I had been awake for almost 2 hours and now I am between 5 to 10 minutes late and my husband decides that now is the time that he wants to wake up and give me a long sweet romantic kiss.
Now, don't get me wrong. I love to kiss Mr. G. He is a wonderful kisser and I usually look forward to it everyday, however, at this point in the morning he has not showered or brushed his teeth. Mr. G is then surprised when I only give him a peck and he will say "Come on sweetie" and try for a better kiss. How this man does not know that he smells like soured milk and old farts I do not know, but he is oblivious to the fact. Some mornings I am the good Christian wife and will hold my breath and give my sweet sweet husband a loving kiss. Other mornings I will simply give him a peck, an I'm sorry and I love you and will give him another hug before I am out the door.
Every morning is the same, but even still it is our morning together and for that I am grateful. I know there are many couples who are unable to see each other when they get up so I am thankful to God that I can spend my morning with my husband. I do wish my husband did not have to be on the front lines every morning and fight his war of waking up, but hopefully once we have kids this war will end. I will not hold my breath, though. I will still, however, enjoy the picture I see every morning of Mr. G and Mickey sleeping side by side.

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