Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is Mr. G - my hunky husband and the sweetest man in the world. I love the huge smile on his face. We had only been married for about 8 hours at this point and he was so excited about the honeymoon.
This is me, the new Mrs. G. I am just as excited about the honeymoon as Mr. G but I do have a few concerns about leaving behind my mom and dad. How sad is that, but it is true.
At this point we are on the Amtrak headed for the cruise ship.
What's that?
You want to know what we will do first?
Well, that is an interesting question.
We, of course, headed straight for the all-you-can-eat buffet.
I appreciate the fact that you didn't notice that I had more food on my plate compared to Mr. G. You must understand that for the last 3 months food and I did not have a relationship. But...now that the wedding is over, all bets are off.
Just try and also not notice the 10 lbs I gain by the end of the trip.

This is the view looking out our room on the ship. We had a balcony that we sat on often enjoying the scenery. All though most of the time it was just blue water.

Every day we would come back to our room and find one of these. We had a different animal every day and I believe this one might be a dog. Which of course reminded me of my little K-9 back home. I love you Mickey Mantle.

The first night we went to the fancy meal in the fancy dining room, but we didn't get enough to eat so after dinner we went back to the buffet.
Here is Mr. G being sweet as usual. He was the first one to write our names in the sand at Labadee Haiti. Then everyone seemed to follow. The whole beach was full of names and hearts and wedding dates.
Way to be a trend setter sweetie.

These are the jet skis we went on out in the ocean. Mr. G had to hold on really tight to me because I was not letting off the gas especially after the leader told me I was too slow to go in the front. Grrr. Mr. G had to hang on for dear life after that.
A little later we made a pit stop and just sat out in the ocean on our jet skis with our group. The leader suggested to everyone to get out and swim.
Um, has this lady not seen the movie Jaws? Does she not know what lives in this big body of water? I have seen Jaws and Shark week on Discovery Channel. Um, we are definitely not getting off these jet skis. Mr. G and I were the only ones who stayed on the jet ski and fried.
Did I just hear you call us chickens?
I will pretend I didn't hear that.

Now we are at Jamaica and this is the cruise ship and these are my feet. I know you see the huge calf muscles and you maybe assume this is Mr. G's legs, but I am positive these are my feet. Mainly because of the toenail polish. Mr. G isn't a big fan of pedicures.
We didn't just sit around the whole time though. We got to work.

This here is the huge sand castle that Mr. G and I made. We had found a used plastic spoon and it was our tool in making this beautiful architectural castle.
We did consider the fact that we didn't know who used the spoon and what gross diseases might be on it, but we had to make a sacrifice for the greatness of our castle. That is dedication.

We finally got back to being lazy and just laying around. Unfortunately, the top of our heads began to burn so Mr. G got smart and put his towel over his head. Doesn't he look peaceful.

Back on the ship we headed to the very front of the boat. It actually took us a while to find it because the ship was so big. We were going to re-enact the scene from Titanic but there was a couple there before us that beat us to it and they looked really silly so we just decided to get in our usual pose and have someone snap a quick one of us. Isn't the view gorgeous.

This is our captain who started every announcement by saying, "This is your captain speaking. The worlds smallest captain driving the worlds biggest ship." Mr. G loved that line.

This was where we swam with sting rays. I absolutely loved the experience but Mr. G kept yelling out, "I don't like this. I don't like this at all."
It could be because these huge massive animals would basically ride up on top of you or take your feet out from underneath you. Anyway, it was fun and we both kissed a sting ray for 7 years good luck.
Well, at least I did, I think Mr. G just pretended to.

We were getting close to the USA again. In the background is actually the skyline of Miami but our big heads are in the way. This site actually attracted a lot of families as many of them came out to take pictures. It was beautiful.
I, however, am really excited to get back to land so I can call my folks. I had exchanged e-mails with them during the cruise, which usually left me in tears because I missed them so much. Mr. G was so good about not letting that hurt his feelings. He comforted me and led me back down to the buffet to make me feel better. What a good guy!!

Wow, God even reminds us of his wonderful promises even thousands of miles out in the ocean.

And this is us on the trip back home. Yes, we were exhausted, but, no, we weren't really asleep. We are just good actors. Mr. G actually took the picture! Sometimes we think we are funnier then we really are. Oh well!!
It was the perfect honeymoon with the perfect man. This is the beginning of our journey and I can't wait to start our lives together in our new home.

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