Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby G's First Vacation

Day 1 of Baby G's first vacation actually started the night before.
 We put Baby G in his pajamas, loaded up the car, and headed for Colorado at about 5:30 last night.  At around 7:30 this morning we finally arrived at our first stop in Yuma, Colorado.  That is where my grandma grew up, where her sister lives, and where we were dropping her off for the week.
 This was the first time my great-aunt got to see Baby G and boy did she fall in love with him.
 After a big breakfast we decided to go out and see the chickens.  And, by the way, we had a lot of yummy eggs for breakfast.
 Of course, Baby G thought the chickens were dogs....but he calls every animal a dog right now.
 After a good visit with my aunt we decided to drive the rest of the way to Estes Park....our vacation destination.

 And just like Baby G did all night, he fell right to sleep.  I was amazed at how well he did traveling.  He sure was a trooper.
 As we got closer we started seeing some beautiful scenery.

 Finally around 1:30pm we arrived at our destination.
 You can see one of the YMCA lodges in the background along with some breathtaking mountains.
After we ate lunch we went up to our room and we let Baby G loose.
His aunt gave him this ball to play with and boy....did he play with it.
Then Baby G decided to take the ball into the bathroom.  Luckily it didn't end up in the toilet but he did enjoy throwing it in the...

 After spending some time in our room we decided to take a walk to see the beautiful sights.
 One thing we saw a lot of were these little animals....not sure what they are exactly but there were a lot of them.
 Just some more scenery.
 I pushed the stroller going down the hill and poor Mr. G was stuck pushing the stroller back up the hill.
 Mountains complete surround our entire area that we are staying in.
 But Baby G wasn't too thrilled about it and quickly fell back asleep on our walk.  I knew that Baby G had already slept a lot today so I was worried that if he kept sleeping he wouldn't sleep tonight.
 So we decided to wake him up and take him to the playground.
 But he was hard to wake up.

 Finally we stuck him in a swing thinking that would be a fun way to wake up.
 He wasn't very happy at first...
 But it didn't take long before he was back to his happy self.
 He was playing peek-a-boo with me.
Here he is trying to hang from the monkey bars.  After our playground adventure we headed back to the room.
 Baby G was still a little sleepy but wanted to rummage through mommy's suitcase.
 He eventually climbed all the way in and had a seat....but it didn't last long.
 He found out it was harder to get out then it was to get in.  We finished the evening by enjoying a nice dinner at the lodge with many other YMCA workers then hit a grocery store downtown before heading back to our room.
And I kid you not...these elk were standing right outside our lodge when we got there.  Not a common sight back in Illinois.

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