Saturday, May 26, 2012

Swimming with Cousins

The very day we got back from our Colorado trip we headed over to my aunt and uncles house for a graduation party for my cousin.  And since there were a dozen kids at the party my aunt decided to get all the toys out and even their blow up swimming pool.
 Baby G was interested...of course, this was before the water was added.

 Once they started adding the water he stayed pretty close to me and just watched.
 Occasionally laughing at the silly kids playing in the pool.
 Then I sat him down on the grass to take a few pictures of him in his swimsuit,
 Mr. G got him laughing a little too hard.
 My cousins little boy enjoyed having his picture taken.
 Over and over again.  Isn't he a cutie.
 Then we slowly started trying to get Baby G in the water.
 Feeling it with his hand didn't seem too bad.
 And he actually seemed to enjoy sitting in it for a while.
 But then someone splashed him in the face on accident.

 He recovered and went on playing.  He was only in the water for 10 minutes or so before he was ready to get out but I think it was a good start to a summer filled with swimming.

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