Friday, May 11, 2012

Silly Baby G

There is something about Baby G in his cloth diaper that makes him extra silly.

My nephew and I caught Baby G digging through the stash of diapers that I have in the closet.  
 After the diapers he decided to start getting out his toys.
 He got out his shape sorter bucket...
 But one of the shapes rolled under the bed.
Then my nephew got out a book that plays music.
I loved watching Baby G move to the music....he made a complete 360.
 Then I stuck the two boys in the crib.  They absolutely love playing in the crib together.  Watch the next two videos to see for yourself.
First they turned on some music.
Then Baby G played some basketball.  He was definitely playing above the rim.

 We played peek-a-boo...

 Jumped around...
And....just hung out.

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