Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 2 in Colorado

Today was a little more laid back.  But after breakfast and a morning nap we decided to head out for a hike in the Rocky Mountains.  First I talked to a guide who gave me a map that would lead me to their easiest trail that would be good for me and a baby in a stroller.
 Baby G was excited and ready to go.

 While we walked I snapped a few pictures.  I zoomed in on some of the houses that lived on the side of one of the mountains.

This might be my favorite mountain here.
 Also, while we went along I would occasionally get Baby G out of his stroller so he can play.

Here's his bashful face.  I think he's starting to understand what my camera is for.

He is such a little man.  I love this picture...especially with the mountains in the background.

We went a little bit farther and then decided to get Baby G out to play a little more.

Baby G loved playing with the rocks.  I'm looking forward to the day when it won't be a battle to keep the rocks out of Baby G's mouth, though, while he's playing with them.  
I was about ready to put Baby G back in his stroller and get serious about our hike when he decided to dirty his pants.  So we hiked back to our lodge to change his pants....we didn't want to take the risk of the smell attracting any wild animals.  After Baby G was changed we went back out on our hike.  Unfortunately, I was having trouble reading the map.  Let me just add that the map made no sense and there was no one around to ask for directions.  After walking for what seemed like forever I finally figured out which direction to head.
 Along the way we spotted some horses so Baby G got out to get a closer look.
 This seemed like a lot of horses to me but as we walked farther we ended up seeing a lot more.
And, of course, Baby G loved pointing at the horses and saying, "Dog!"
After asking a few people for directions I finally found the right trail.
 The Glacier Creek trail....only nothing actually said which way to go so I walked where I thought I was supposed to go....and I was wrong.  So then I walked back and then I went the same way again thinking I had to be right the first time.  And then I realized I was wrong....Again.
The only good thing about taking the wrong path was that we did end up getting a closer view of the creek.
 You can hear how loud the water was.
 I guess another good thing about going the wrong way as that I got to keep walking back and forth past a couple deer who enjoyed staring at us.  After talking to a few more people I finally found the right trail.  The best advice I got was to follow the horse poop...and that definitely got me to the right trail....but it was not easy to push the stroller.  The tires kept getting stuck.  After about 10 minutes of fighting through the horse poop I finally figured out that there was a horse trail and about 10 feet to my right there was a people trail.
The only problem was that the people trail was covered in rocks.  Also not good if your pushing a stroller.  And this picture wasn't even the worst of it.  At this point Baby G and I had been out for about 2 hours and our future with this hike wasn't looking very bright.  I ended up carrying the stroller....Baby G and all through the trail.  Don't ask me about the scenery because honestly I didn't notice.  All I was focused on was finding our way back.  Thankfully, Baby G was a good sport about it all.  I figured he would sleep during the hike....but that wasn't possible.  
 This part wasn't too rocky but it sure was narrow.  I'm not sure what the lady was thinking when she said I could push a stroller through the trail.  Well....after 3 hours we finally made it back to our room and you can well imagine that the first thing Baby G did was...
After a really long nap Baby G and I were excited that Mr. G got out of his meetings early...
So the two boys enjoyed playing ball for a little bit before dinner.
After dinner we decided to go walk around downtown Estes Park...

 But unfortunately all the shops had already closed.

Well...not all the shops.  We ended up getting a coffee and then we found a bench and enjoyed our beverages while...
Baby G sat and watched.
He didn't mind too much, though.
He was too busy playing peek-a-boo.
Then the night ended pretty similar to last night...

Only this time we had to slow down so we wouldn't hit the elk crossing the street.

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