Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 3 in Colorado

One of the neat things about the YMCA of the Rockies is that it has a ton of activities for kids.  Unfortunately, most of the activities were for children 4 and up.  But this morning there was an activity called parachute games that was for all ages so I signed Baby G up.

 I remember playing this when I was a kid and I loved it so I was hoping that Baby G would love it too.  I was wrong...waaay wrong.  The parachute scared him.
 So we stepped back and decided to watch while the other kids played.
 And he would wave occasionally at them.
 But mostly he just watched.
 And watched. guessed it....watched.  As long as we were a good distance away he was fine.
 After a while he forgot about the parachute and started playing in the dirt.
 Well....he didn't care for the parachute...but at least he enjoyed the dandelions.
 After we got cleaned up from playing in the dirt we played for a while on the front porch of one of the lodges.
 He enjoyed crawling around and...
 Peeking through windows.
Then we headed back to our room for a nap and lunch.  After lunch Baby G and I decided to head to downtown Estes Park to walk around and shop.
 Along the way we stopped to look at the river.
Baby G gets so excited about the water.
 I finally was able to get him to look away from the water to give me a quick smile.
 Then we took off shopping.
I'm sure the horse carriage driver was hoping we would pay for a ride after he took our photo...oh well.  While we were going from store to store looking at different things I finally figured out exactly what I wanted to spend my money on.
And I think it was a good decision because the picture turned out to be priceless.

 When we got done taking Baby G's pictured we walked outside to see storm clouds rolling in so even though we didn't see all the shops I thought it would be best to head back to our lodge.
 And that seemed to be fine with Baby G.  After watching a few DVDs and playing around our room we realized that somehow the storm missed us so we decided to go out for a walk....only this time we stayed on the paved roads.
 Along the way we stopped at small playground....both Baby G and I were confused as to what this thing was.
 What a big boy sitting on the park bench.
I thought this was a beautiful view.  You can see the haziness in the sky by the mountains from the storm.  The temperature dropped at least 10 degrees after the storm passed but it was still nice out.  Baby G and I walked for well over an hour then we headed back to meet daddy for dinner.  We spent the rest of the evening relaxing together in our room.  It was another wonderful day in the Rockies.

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Lauren said...

that little picture is ABSOLUTELY money well spent. what a handsome little cowboy, you have!! :)