Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation Day 2 & 3

The best part about this vacation is that we have to do absolutely nothing. Mr. G and I are doing the P90X workout everyday and if you ask Mr. G he would say that we walk all the time, but really we are either laying out at the beach, swimming at the pool, or eating great food. It's a tough life.Andre's is a restaurant that was recommended to us so we were excited about the good food we were about to enjoy. Mr. G was maybe showing a little too much excitement but it was pretty funny to see him stand like that until I could snap the picture. Unfortunately, at this point we had no idea that we were about to take the walk of shame. After sitting down at Andre's and looking over the menu we realized quickly that we could not afford to eat there. We told the waiter right away that even though the food is probably great, we just simply can't afford to eat their food. I thought the waiter would say, "That's fine" and "Have a nice day." But he actually tried to talk us into staying. He tried to explain that Mr. G and I could share a meal because they give us a lot of food. He then asked us to stay and think about it a little longer while he came back with rolls and drinks. This guy wasn't getting it. We don't have money. We can't spend $100 for food that will only last 10 minutes to eat. (I am a fast eater) Once the waiter left our room we both grabbed our stuff and quickly made the walk of shame out the door. We put our heads down and made eye contact with no one. Then we went to Carrabba's which was an amazing affordable Italian grill. I think we made the right decision.


This is the largest Barnes & Noble that we have ever seen, so to us it's the biggest in the world. It even had an escalator inside, however, I was disappointed in the book variety. I guess don't judge a book by its cover. :)

This is Mr. G before we entered the world's largest Barnes & Noble. He has no idea at this point how much money we are about to spend. Gotta love his spunk.

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