Thursday, July 15, 2010

Naples Day 4

We had a very interesting start to our morning today. I woke up around 6:45 and made it out to the beach by 7:00 to start walking. Around 7:50 I noticed something popping up in the water that kinda looked like a shark and it wasn't until I got closer that I saw it was a dolphin. This dolphin was so close that it was probably only 10-15 yards out in the water. At first I thought the dolphin was only going to stay for a minute but after 10 minutes I realized that I should call Mr. G so he could see the dolphin too. He had been asleep when I left but I was hoping he was up by now. He absolutely loves dolphins. Unfortunately, he didn't answer when I called but about 10 minutes later he called me back. I quickly told him the situation, that there is a dolphin about 10 yards out and I have been with it for about 20 minutes now. I told him to get down here quick so that he can see it and to bring the camera.
It was about 5 minutes later and he called me back already on the beach and he asked me which direction I was. I told him to go towards the right and to run. About 10 minutes passed and there is still no Mr. G anywhere around. He calls me and asks where I am. I told him that apparently he is a really slow runner because it shouldn't be this hard to find me. So we hang up and he runs some more. About 5 minutes later I get another call and he sounds a little more frustrated this time. At this point we realize that Mr. G was about a mile or two passed where I was. Somehow he got so excited that he ran right passed me and the dolphin. By the time he walked back to where I was he was completely drenched from sweat and not smiling at all. I show him the dolphin but he is not that impressed anymore. I try to snap a few pictures but I didn't do the best job.Here is my dolphin friend a little father out than he usual. At one point this morning I actually could see 3 dolphins in the water. It was beautiful. I talked to some people who live in Naples and they said that there is a row of fish that like to swim in the mornings about 10-15 yards out and that this dolphin is probably enjoying some breakfast.
Here you can see his body in the corner. It was a wonderful thing to see. I probably spent 30 minutes with this dolphin and I felt sad leaving him but I had a tired husband to tend to.

Mr. G got his energy back once we hit the pool. If you are wondering this is a hand stand. I am sure that it takes a lot of strength to be able to keep your legs that distance apart in the air. He is very talented.

"How was my hand stand, honey?"

We weren't able to stay in the water for very long because a storm came up on us quick. This is the view of the storm from our back deck.

Bye Bye blue skies.

Mr. G watching the storm clouds roll in and smirking because he knows I am taking a picture of him.

Mmmmm.....What are you thinking, Mr. G?

It is nice because every night is date night on vacation. Here we are at the Regatta before our night on the town. Nobody needs to know that we made it back to our condo by 7:30.

Here we are in downtown Naples. It was a beautiful area with a lot of neat expensive shops and restaurants. After checking out all the restaurants and asking to see their menu (We didn't want another walk of shame like Andre's) we made our decision for McAbe's Irish Grill and Pub. It was really good food and a neat atmosphere. Plus, Mr. G had a t.v. to watch his sports on.

Then we found someone to take our picture and it only cost us $28. He was a good salesman.

I told you the downtown area was beautiful. It was like this up and down both sides of 5th avenue.

This is one of the many mansions we saw leaving downtown. They must be having money coming out of their wazuu.

Don't you think Mr. G looks adorable with his purse. He is embarrassed that I am putting this on the blog, but it is important to accessorize, honey.
Well, tonight is our last night in Naples and even though we are sad to go, we are both ready to be home. Our home renovation has continued while we have been gone so we are excited to see the progress. Supposedly, the entire house will be painted tomorrow. All that stands in the way is the 18 hour trip ahead of us. Yippidy do da. Prayers will be appreciated and much needed.
It has been a wonderful vacation but the best part has been spending it with my darling husband. It felt like our second honeymoon and I loved every minute of it. He is my best friend and I can't imagine my life without this wonderful man. I know that God made him just for me and I look forward to walking forever holding his hand. I love you Mr. G.

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