Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pesky Lizard

Hi, I am Mickey and I am the oldest of the two boys of Mr. & Mrs. G. Now I know most you believe that a dogs life is nothing but fun and games. That we get to sleep all day and we have no major responsibilities. Well, I am here to tell you that life as a dog is much more complicated than you know. First of all, we are still trying to tell humans that the food they are giving us taste like garbage and trying a new recipe would be nice. I just read the other day in the Dogs Digest that it actually prolongs a dogs life if you give them food from the table often. In fact, your dog might live forever if you make them pancakes for breakfast everyday. But life isn't all about food, we have our share of work too. For example, every morning I have to be alert for when Mr. G wakes up so that he doesn't step on me. He has been known to be a bit out of it in the morning. And then I have this little brother named Marley who just showed up about a month ago. He can really get into trouble, and even though I sometimes don't stop him because I feel he deserves a good spanking every now and again, I spend most of the day keeping him out of trouble. And then there is that pesky lizard. He is out to get me I tell you. This morning was no different.I was out minding my own business when that pesky lizard pops up out from underneath me and starts running a long the side of the house. I chased him all along the house and then that pesky lizard hid from me and I couldn't find him anywhere. I knew he had to be around there somewhere so I decided to use my nose to seek him out. Unfortunately, God didn't bless me with the longest nose in the world, and it has been a bit of a handicap through out my life. But I looked and I sniffed for that pesky lizard.
Why is my mom yelling for me right now. Doesn't she know that I am on a mission. I have a pesky lizard to catch. Now, I don't really know what I will do with that pesky lizard when I catch him, but I will worry about that later. Now, mom, please stop yelling for me so I can get back to work. Thank you.

Mmmmm...I think I smell him behind this weird white thing. This is when a bigger nose would come in handy because I can't fit my face back there to get him.

There he goes along the side of the house again. Marley, would you leave me alone PLEASE. You don't even know what we are looking for. MOM, PLEASE TELL MARLEY TO LEAVE ME ALONE.

Aw...he went under the deck. Well, you pesky lizard, this is not the end. I will be back and I will catch you. You were lucky that Marley got in my way because otherwise you would have been dead meat. Until next time....

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